Dream Life In The Waking.

One of my favorite parts of the day,
Is at night when we climb in bed and lay.

We snuggle closely, warmly, tightly.
You put your leg over me. I caress it soft, smooth. This I look forward to nightly. 

You fall asleep from the feeling. As do I, but I struggle with the sandman.
I want to feel you near, spend as much time touching your milky skin as I can.

I marvel at your beauty, sleeping  peacefully, dreaming of our future. You, me, Blue and our child.
He isn’t born yet, but we know he will be. Our level of certainty is wild.

I can no longer defend myself against the sandman’s magic.
To sleep away time lying with you seems almost tragic.

Now we both are in the vast strange world of dreams.
Sometimes prophetic, or wondrous. Other times nonsensical, nothing is quite as it seems.

Then the sun dawns and I see the most brilliant light right before my waking eyes.
Not in the sky, but in our bed. Not the sun, but you. I savor every second as time rapidly flies.

Every increment of time together in our dream lives and our waking,
Are gifts, fruit ripe for the taking.

We give each other , every day happiness supreme.
When I am awake the affect you have on me makes me wonder if it is a dream.

Yes it is. Most assuredly I say to you.
We are living in a dream come true.

For my wife, my best friend, my reason for breathing.



Announcing a new category for everyone!!!

Hello, my fellow wordpressers/bloggers.  First of allow me to announce that Didi(Seablackwithink), and I are now married. Awesome!!! She is the best person, lady, woman, lover, and wife in the world.  It is my extreme pleasure,honor, and privilege to have her as my wife. I told her about this new category I wanted to make and she thought it was a great idea. If she thinks it’s a great idea then I know it is. She’s my partner and creative compass. Letting me know if one of my creative endeavors is good or not. She is also my biggest motivator and supporter. So here I am announcing the new category for all who wish to participate.

Category Name:
“Let Me Tell You About…”

I will tell you about one of my favorite films, filmmakers(directors,writers,etc), books(authors, illustrators, etc ), musicians(albums, album art, songs, music videos), artist(painters,poets, etc) and of course the works of our fellow wordpressers/bloggers. It will be more than reviews. It can be memories about specific moments involving the weekly subject. How I learned of each subject, why it made an impact on me, how it changed my life and shaped who and what I am as a person and things of that nature. It can even be about a fond memory, person, or experience.  Anything I want to tell you about. It’s not just for me. It’s for anyone who wants to tell a story about anything. It’s for everyone. You can suggest topics of your own and I promise to make a list and use a guest suggestion every other week. Comments are welcomed and encouraged. Even if you want to argue, dispute, disagree with my opinion. Sound good so far?

Purpose: To get to know my wordpress friends more through multimedia memories. To make new wordpress friends, and  to have fun doing it. 

My first post will be about my lovely, wife.  She is a great writer and even greater wife. I’m grateful and proud to have her in my life, to have her love(and give her love), and sleep next to her every night. I love her so much. It’s like I never truly loved before.  The link to her site is: Seablackwithink.  Saturday will be the day for new topics, but feel free to post about any topic any time. Ok, so that’s it. Thanks for participating if you choose to do so.   Let Me Tell You About…



Trust me when I say, we’re gonna make it my beautiful Baby.

What they dish out, we won’t take it. If they think otherwise they’re crazy.

The power of our love, the strength of our bond will always amaze me.
Like magic from anime, your ever- growing love shield won’t let anything phase me.

Negativity rejected, deflected, sent far from our hearts. The positive forces in our minds multiplied.

Without a doubt selected, One universal being in two parts. Together we strive, persevere, survive.

More so than water or food. Your sweetness keeps me alive. A team no one, nothing can divide.

The laws of physics, the laws of love state we are elements impossible to separate. Come what may we will overcome in stride.

Our connection, something unique, incomparable, completely invincible.

I’ll stick with you, stand with you, we are strong, they are weak. They easily crushed, we indestructible.

We’re gonna make it my special lady. Any one who thinks otherwise, obviously fools.

We radiate light so bright, eliminating the darkness. Extinguishing their flames with the liquid of life, sustaining us, and keeping us cool.

For my love, Seablackwithink.

Flirting:MyWord:F^#$ that!

Look here I don’t flirt I refuse.

So I don’t expect it once or ever no matter how clever. No matter how recycled or reused.

If you want it, give it : respect. I am not amused.

I can’t say, “Watch what you think.”, But I will say, “Watch what you say.”

I’m sick and tired of it. Guess what? Today is a brand new day.

I wouldn’t say or do any of that to your girl if you have one. If I’m being unreasonable, “Oh well, hey!”.

To reiterate: I don’t flirt with yours so don’t flirt with mine.

I don’t care what medium: Text,cell, or email. To stop now is the time.

Respect, when you know the deal and continue that’s just grime.

This Is This.  That’s That. The “This” and “That” I just mentioned is another way of saying watch your words. I know much, much more about most people than anyone knows about me. Even if they knew about me I would still have the upper hand. So let’s think a few ticks about it.

🙂 Have a productive day!



There’s no one better.

When we first met I thought “I must get her.”

Make her mine forever.”

For the first time living feels like life now that we are together.

When I hold you hand, kiss your lips, touch your skin, lay my hands upon your hips,

Nothing, no one else matters. Only the two of us exist.

You’re the shooting star I saw in the sky and also the granted wish.

If I were a moon you would be the planet I would do the cosmic dance with.

Gravity pulls us through our private universe infinitely.

Keeping us close. The love tethering me to you, you to me.

When I was lost in darkness you were the Sunrise shining brilliantly letting me see.

Opening my eyes to what it means to truly love with my entire being I think to myself, “Finally I know where I belong, I belong to and with thee.”

Learn from what you’ve been through

Hey everyone this one is from 09-05-13 I wrote it right before I wrote “I can’t sleep”. So If you read this one first some of the lines from “I can’t sleep” will make more sense. I should have posted this one first but I had to work up to it due to the subject. Ok so that’s the intro and this is…

Learn from what you’ve been through:

Who the fuck do you think you are?

A little literal whore in denial. You’ve come so far.

You fucked up my love life before I knew what a love life was.

I hope when you meet your god, you hear dark sinister laughter and then a buzz.

Followed by a free fall that gets hotter and hotter.

You said you didn’t do it and that I’m a liar. I’m sick of this memory making my eyes water.

I’m sick of the stress you’ve caused in my relationship.

I get ill hearing reverberations of what you said about my 5 year old dick.

Every time I feel I’m over it, here it comes.

I can’t take it anymore. I need it to be done.

You will never admit that you did it.

Sometimes I feel I can forgive but may never forget.

So pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, If you must.

You better hope, hope, hope, hope, hope that you are heard by your jesus.

Hate to say but, I won’t shed a single solitary tear at your funeral.

I’ll won’t even be there. I’ll just be here trying not to feel empty as usual.


Now I want everyone to know I’m not attacking christians or their belief. I’m only attacking my sister’s (she’s the one who did what she did to me), belief in Jesus. And I’m not attack anyone who is or has been a prostitute. Especially if they accept it and aren’t in denial or lie about it. I’ll be honest, If I was a girl when i was deep into my drug addiction I probably would have sold my body for drugs. Not cigarettes though.  Just wanted to make that clear.  The thing that pisses me off the most about what my sister did to me is that she had been sexually abused also. Break the fucking cycle! I did you asshole! So that’s the end of the outro. Thanks for reading.