Twisted Mix Tape: New to me in 2013

Ok here is my mix tape. Music new to me in 2013. A couple songs from when I was back in Jersey. Then song my wife showed me. Followed by video and pics from our wedding. Low-key, personal, and intimate. Vows I wrote as a poem for Seablackwithink days before we married. She added some words of her own when she read it. Then a few traditional vows our favorite of which is, “Forsake all others.”. We take our vows and marriage very seriously. Knowing hard times will come but we will make it to a place that those hard times will not be as hard. Ok on to the music.

Ok,  I know it’s late but I’m still going to do it:

This is for my niece:

This is for zombie lovers

These next two are for my fellow geeks, people that grew up in the 90’s and gamers

And the last two are for my wife.

All new to me in 2013.

And Jen I promise I will send you some wedding stuff directly to your email. ok?  🙂



Here’s Jen-The- Rippers directions for this weeks TWISTED MIX TAPE …YOU BETTER FOLLOW THEM…OR ELSE MUUWAHAHAHAHA

Oh and …HEY RRRRRROB Check out Jen’s post (*click above) it’s truly outrageous 😛

“This week’s topic for our Halloween week is Scary songs. You may take full liberty with this topic my friends. Scary because of the content? The appearance of the performer or the song is just that darn bad. Or maybe you have some definition I haven’t thought of yet. Get on it. I wanna know why those songs scare you”

Ok, I love this weeks prompt and again I’m going to use six songs. Sooorrrryyyy! Just kidding, but I am using six songs the first one is for the spirit of Halloween.

Marilyn Manson’s version of  “This is Halloween”  from Nightmare Before Christmas Revisited!

Pretty Awesome huh?

Ok, this one is one of my personal favorites. It’s sad and scary. Scary because it’s real. Sad because people are treated this way.

In my post “Fears”, I mentioned drowning. This would be a very bad way to drown. It’s another nine inch nails song, “Pinion”,  from the album “broken”. Here’s something funny. Not only is this song on the album “Broken” but atleast one of my fingers are broken. HA HA! Friggin’ airbag!

Another M. Manson song “Dope Hat”. Scary because most of the background images are in the original “Willy Wonka” film. The boat ride scene which is freaky and scary was removed from newer dvd releases. Plus they never show the boat ride scene when the film is played on regular cable. Censorship is scarier than anything I’ve seen in a movie or heard in a song. Long live “The Boat Ride”!

Laugh all you want but this next video used to scare the shit out of me when I was little. It still creeps me out a little but I like that it does.

This song and clip are from EraserHead by David Lynch. It’s scary, creepy, dark, disturbing, and I love every minute of it!


“I never needed spiritual songs more than I have this week. A week ago the server on which I am hosted was under attack by a malicious hacker. SO FUN!!! My site was acting funny, then shut down all together on Wednesday. After the attack was over, my site was never the same. Long story short – there will be a why I hate hostmonster, bluehost, host gator post in the near future.

In order to fix the problem we (me and godaddy) actually had to move my site to a temporary URL until Hostmonster releases my domain, which they are taking their sweet time doing.

So here we are. I am holding my breath, hoping they won’t switch it off in the middle of our Party, but it seems pretty likely that it will happen. Cause that’s my luck this week.

And so, since this week you have been guided to create a mixtape on songs that are spiritual to you. I am going to use these songs that aren’t necessarily spiritual to everyone, but are to me, to help me through.”


Ok, Here are some songs that are spiritual for me. I’m adding an extra song at the top in the memory of the original Anything goes prompt(as a joke to Jen).


Old  Old School:

Now on to songs spiritual to me:

Next up a MBM song, video by me:

Now another MBM song:

Followed by Symbion Project Dedicated to Seablackwithink & K*ss*n:

Ending with another Moby song:

Ok so there you have it.  Some of the same bands or whatever you can call them. Just different songs.


Soundtracks: Twisted Mix Tape #28

Jen’s Twisted Mix Tape #28 : Soundtracks

Click above to play, also check out RAISED ON THE RADIO….if you like music …you need to click.

This one is for Symbion Project

This one is for seablackwithink

These last two are for all the gamers out there.

Another mixtape completed.





“Hey All!!
OK, this week is a tough one and you all have your fellow mixer Troy from As Long As I’m Singing to thank for that! LOL!
At least this was tough for me…. once I got the ball rolling it started to make sense. I am guessing Troy’s been thinking about this one for a while. The topic, in Troy’s word’s:
 the (5) seminal songs who made you the person you are today. The shutter-openers, the wakers, the “I can see clearly now the rain is goners.” The tunes that forced you to look in the mirror and say, “Hey good-looking, you seem familiar, yet new.”
Now because I’m nice, and I want you all to play, I will allow you to use this as a favorite of all times. But only if you’re really stumped! (frankly I think these songs are probably favorites too) Sorry Troy, you know I love you, but I wanted a trap door so everyone would play!”
5 Seminal songs? No problem. This 5 song mixtape will describe 5 main point in the evolution of my musical tastes.
I’ll start at 9yrs old with the first cassette I bought.

Next is 13yrs old with my favorite song from a soundtrack cassette which changed my genre focus…

Then at 16yrs old I found something infinitely better suited to my tastes & sensibilities…

Followed by years of MBM, The Orb and…

These days the music of the past has never left, but what I listen to now sounds like…

This entire mix is for my sweetness seablackwithink, especially the last track. All of the music in this mix changed my life and my musical tastes. “Like one returning from the waves” changed my entire life in so many great ways. If it wasn’t for this last track my fiance and I would never have met. Our story is currently in the works. I saved the draft, and one day you all will read it.  It’s the waves.

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Slow Jams, ya dig?

“It’s been a crazy week for me, sorry for getting this out so late. So I won’t mess around. This week’s theme is

Relaxing slow jams. You wanna chill, you want your friends to chill. Any genre from rock to jazz to hip-hop, but it’s gotta be slow-jams”

Ok, Let’s see how this one turns out.

Title: Slow Jams, ya dig?

We will start with…


Then for seablackwithink…

Again for seablackwithink…

And we’ll end with…

I think I did better than I thought I would with the slow jams. Let me know what you all think.

I love you PI much Seablackwithink.  :*


Jen’s rule rundown for Twisted Mix Tape 25:

“Today it’s a free for all!!! YAHOO! Write your mix about WHATEVER you want. Have fun link up any time after 9pm EST .”

 This mix is called “happiness”. And it is twisted.

Starting off nice, happy and easy.

Now it gets dark 

Listen all you freaks!

Are you really happy?

And we finish with something a bit lighter. Then I’m gone.

Let me know what you think. 🙂