Hey Everybody!

Hi everybody,

“Let me tell you about…” is ready for your input. My Wife 🙂 Seablackwithink was the first entry. So come join in. Remember, no rules. No word restrictions or limits. Just make sure it’s a true story. Happy,Sad, Great, or Terrible.  It’s up to you.

Ok that’s it for now. Have a good one.

Oh, yeah. The only rule is you have to start your story with “Let Me Tell You About…” . That’s it.


Twisted Mix Tape: New to me in 2013

Ok here is my mix tape. Music new to me in 2013. A couple songs from when I was back in Jersey. Then song my wife showed me. Followed by video and pics from our wedding. Low-key, personal, and intimate. Vows I wrote as a poem for Seablackwithink days before we married. She added some words of her own when she read it. Then a few traditional vows our favorite of which is, “Forsake all others.”. We take our vows and marriage very seriously. Knowing hard times will come but we will make it to a place that those hard times will not be as hard. Ok on to the music.

Ok,  I know it’s late but I’m still going to do it:

This is for my niece:

This is for zombie lovers

These next two are for my fellow geeks, people that grew up in the 90’s and gamers

And the last two are for my wife.

All new to me in 2013.

And Jen I promise I will send you some wedding stuff directly to your email. ok?  🙂

Dream Life In The Waking.

One of my favorite parts of the day,
Is at night when we climb in bed and lay.

We snuggle closely, warmly, tightly.
You put your leg over me. I caress it soft, smooth. This I look forward to nightly. 

You fall asleep from the feeling. As do I, but I struggle with the sandman.
I want to feel you near, spend as much time touching your milky skin as I can.

I marvel at your beauty, sleeping  peacefully, dreaming of our future. You, me, Blue and our child.
He isn’t born yet, but we know he will be. Our level of certainty is wild.

I can no longer defend myself against the sandman’s magic.
To sleep away time lying with you seems almost tragic.

Now we both are in the vast strange world of dreams.
Sometimes prophetic, or wondrous. Other times nonsensical, nothing is quite as it seems.

Then the sun dawns and I see the most brilliant light right before my waking eyes.
Not in the sky, but in our bed. Not the sun, but you. I savor every second as time rapidly flies.

Every increment of time together in our dream lives and our waking,
Are gifts, fruit ripe for the taking.

We give each other , every day happiness supreme.
When I am awake the affect you have on me makes me wonder if it is a dream.

Yes it is. Most assuredly I say to you.
We are living in a dream come true.

For my wife, my best friend, my reason for breathing.




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Oh, just a reminder: Anything you want to write is fine. No restrictions, no rules, no censorship. Feel free to tell us about anything you feel comfortable sharing. For myself (and many others I’m certain), WordPress is an outlet for emotional subjects. Emotions raging from the best down to the worst. I’ve posted a letter to someone whom abused me when I was 5 years old. I posted it with no fear of judgement and no fear of readers shunning me. So if you have something deep and dark to free yourself from and you’re ready then go for it. It made me feel light as air once I dropped those bricks from their past.  No judgments, Please. Also no personal attacks, terroristic threats, or things of that nature. Can’t we all just get along? I’m sure we will, just as we always do so that’s all the rules pertaining to treatment of each of our WP siblings worldwide.  One rule about your posts is this:  the subject you are telling us about must be true.  We have plenty of fiction blogs on here, which is great.  I just want something different, more personal, and real life memories, present circumstances, or future plans. You can tell us about something like a bar fight you somehow received a sick scar in. You know things that you will never forget. Maybe things that you might forget before you forget them. I do not care just as long as you tell a story. A story of your life. A story you love to tell. A story you’re afraid to tell. A story about human beings, the human condition, and the things we all go through in our quickly passing, highly fascinating, lives in our human form.  This could be a book if we get truthful material from enough of us. We the people of WordPress. Let make this thing as huge, large, big, enormous, and bad ass as possible.  Thanks, everybody. Hope you have fun. Hope you release some demons. Hope you write like crazy.       While you participants are writing for, ” Let Me Tell You About…”,  I’m finally going to post what chapters I have so far of a novel I’m writing by hand. I made a separate blog for it as well. My wife says she thinks it could be a bestseller. She cries when I read it to her. She the only person allowed to hear it bit by bit. It’s autobiographical, especially the main characters memories. They are my memories. Dark, Happy, Sad, Wondrous, and beautiful. Some of the main narrative takes things from my life though much of it is mixed up. Names have been changed except for a few loved ones that gave me permission to use their real names. It gives the story more dramatic impact when I used the couple actual names. Anyway, that’s all I’m saying about it for now.  I’ll post a notice when it is posted and sent to a publisher to read as a WIP. OK That is it for now. I must thanks My gorgeous, lovey-dovie, wife for helping me set this, ” Let Me Tell You About…”, thing into proper motion. I’m still learning a lot on here. I write, read, insert pics or videos and publish when I’m done. So I’m good after I answer my comments, which is one of my favorite part’s of WP.  The community is WP. We are WordPress. We make it great and are the ones keeping this awesome site in existence. Like atoms,particles, quarks, glueons, protons, electrons, photons. Letters, Words, Sentences, Paragraphs, Pages and Pages and Pages creating a multi-minded body of work we individuals post creating a living being with numerous souls that exactly mirror/match the number of WordPressers that it has been an honor, pleasure, and life altering learning experience. Thank you all.     Thank you most of all, my babygirl. My my wife for life, my partner and lover.  Deirdre you literally saved my life with your radiant, brilliant, love. I’m thankful, grateful, appreciative, and will always return the frequency, amplitude, strength,  and intensity of your love.


Rabbit Rabbit! (Happy New Year!)

Last night was the best New Year’s Eve I’ve ever had. Guess Why. No no no. Not because of the alcohol or other party favors. It was the best New Year’s Eve because I spent it with my wife Deirdre. We drank Prosecco and ate soft tacos from Berryhill’s. Berryhill’s is a very good mexican restaurant/bar in Houston, Tx. It was great. Were all packed up ready to move. Her mother is leaving tonight, thank the universe for that. I have a feeling she didn’t leave last night just to get on our nerves, but it didn’t work. We we’re to busy being happy. We took the living room over. Usually her mom, (She really isn’t a mother. She is a thief of a roommate. Anyway.), sits in the living room watching the same channel night after night. So since she moved her stuff out we dragged the mattress into the living room. We watched “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”, then we put in the Deadmau5 live in Toronto dvd. We were jamming out and getting it in. We took our book stand, covered it with a blanket creating a privacy wall. You need privacy when you do private things. ::Thumbs Up:: The Deadmau5 dvd is about 2 and 1/2 hours long and the privacy wall was need for over half the dvd. It was a wonderful New Year’s Eve indeed. More like in out deed. Through out the night when we took smoke breaks on the patio the sky was flashing and banging, (wink wink), with lovely fireworks. The clouds reflected the multicolored fun time explosive which always reminds me to thank the Chinese for inventing gunpowder. They sure know how to celebrate. So do Houstonians evidently. Once midnight came the firmament was filled with fireworks. Rainbow colored explosions could be seen in almost every direction. The booming rode the airwaves traveling from and to everywhere. It was very special and very emotional. I felt like crying with joy. Didi and I recorded our first kiss of the new year with my phone. Yes, it was the best New Year’s Eve ever. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year. And life will kick ass from here on out. Sure there will be ups and downs like anyone experiences. But I’m certain there will be more ups. Definitely a lot more ins and outs. I love you my Deirdre. And I love all my WordPress friends. Life is good. I know that sounds like an LG commercial but I mean it. Ok that’s it for now. Type to you later. Happy New Year!