Trust me when I say, we’re gonna make it my beautiful Baby.

What they dish out, we won’t take it. If they think otherwise they’re crazy.

The power of our love, the strength of our bond will always amaze me.
Like magic from anime, your ever- growing love shield won’t let anything phase me.

Negativity rejected, deflected, sent far from our hearts. The positive forces in our minds multiplied.

Without a doubt selected, One universal being in two parts. Together we strive, persevere, survive.

More so than water or food. Your sweetness keeps me alive. A team no one, nothing can divide.

The laws of physics, the laws of love state we are elements impossible to separate. Come what may we will overcome in stride.

Our connection, something unique, incomparable, completely invincible.

I’ll stick with you, stand with you, we are strong, they are weak. They easily crushed, we indestructible.

We’re gonna make it my special lady. Any one who thinks otherwise, obviously fools.

We radiate light so bright, eliminating the darkness. Extinguishing their flames with the liquid of life, sustaining us, and keeping us cool.

For my love, Seablackwithink.


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