Announcing a new category for everyone!!!

Hello, my fellow wordpressers/bloggers.  First of allow me to announce that Didi(Seablackwithink), and I are now married. Awesome!!! She is the best person, lady, woman, lover, and wife in the world.  It is my extreme pleasure,honor, and privilege to have her as my wife. I told her about this new category I wanted to make and she thought it was a great idea. If she thinks it’s a great idea then I know it is. She’s my partner and creative compass. Letting me know if one of my creative endeavors is good or not. She is also my biggest motivator and supporter. So here I am announcing the new category for all who wish to participate.

Category Name:
“Let Me Tell You About…”

I will tell you about one of my favorite films, filmmakers(directors,writers,etc), books(authors, illustrators, etc ), musicians(albums, album art, songs, music videos), artist(painters,poets, etc) and of course the works of our fellow wordpressers/bloggers. It will be more than reviews. It can be memories about specific moments involving the weekly subject. How I learned of each subject, why it made an impact on me, how it changed my life and shaped who and what I am as a person and things of that nature. It can even be about a fond memory, person, or experience.  Anything I want to tell you about. It’s not just for me. It’s for anyone who wants to tell a story about anything. It’s for everyone. You can suggest topics of your own and I promise to make a list and use a guest suggestion every other week. Comments are welcomed and encouraged. Even if you want to argue, dispute, disagree with my opinion. Sound good so far?

Purpose: To get to know my wordpress friends more through multimedia memories. To make new wordpress friends, and  to have fun doing it. 

My first post will be about my lovely, wife.  She is a great writer and even greater wife. I’m grateful and proud to have her in my life, to have her love(and give her love), and sleep next to her every night. I love her so much. It’s like I never truly loved before.  The link to her site is: Seablackwithink.  Saturday will be the day for new topics, but feel free to post about any topic any time. Ok, so that’s it. Thanks for participating if you choose to do so.   Let Me Tell You About…



24 responses to “Announcing a new category for everyone!!!

  1. I think it’s a cool idea. The moment I read it in the last post, “Let me tell you about my wife”, I started to think about how pretty much any article could start with such a statement, and yet for it to pass through your lips (even mentally) seems to open up a universe of possible blogging topics and ways to share oneself with the world. That’s a good discovery there, brother.

      • Dang dude – are you doing a blog with many contributors or something else? I’m curious because when I read that like five different scenarios sprang to my mind.

    • Hey Brother! Miss you!
      I think the idea is to get as many people as possible to join in…set up linky tools..the more stories/memories/information the better..I know you RT’d this …so if you will do us the honor of “Telling Us About…” Please link back to this post so others can join in…I love this idea my constantly amazing husband has….Linky Tools..or InLinkz …or Hook-Up…or…OK Cherub Link up system will hopefully be up today. I hope you had a good holiday with the ladies…and…
      “I HAVE A FEELING” …
      no, I won’t do it:)
      I have a secret source that says that 2014 holds many wonders for all of us who stay open, think, be thankful and, well…do the best we can…(and join this category;))


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