There’s no one better.

When we first met I thought “I must get her.”

Make her mine forever.”

For the first time living feels like life now that we are together.

When I hold you hand, kiss your lips, touch your skin, lay my hands upon your hips,

Nothing, no one else matters. Only the two of us exist.

You’re the shooting star I saw in the sky and also the granted wish.

If I were a moon you would be the planet I would do the cosmic dance with.

Gravity pulls us through our private universe infinitely.

Keeping us close. The love tethering me to you, you to me.

When I was lost in darkness you were the Sunrise shining brilliantly letting me see.

Opening my eyes to what it means to truly love with my entire being I think to myself, “Finally I know where I belong, I belong to and with thee.”


2 responses to “I BELONG TO AND WITH THEE

    • Thanks again. I love seablackwithink so much. If it wasn’t for her love and our relationship I wouldn’t even be writing anymore. She encouraged me to post somethings I wrote when I was 18-20 years old and I haven’t stopped yet.

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