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“This weekend’s prompt comes from Hello, Cheney, whose lapse in memory was a happy accident for us.  This weekend we’re asking you to harken back to your grade school days and write a haiku.  No word restrictions, just stick to the structure as defined below.  And check out Cheney’s turkey post for an example.

HAIKU (noun) : an unrhymed verse form of Japanese origin having three lines containing usually five, seven, and five syllables respectively ”

Hiaku for seablackwithink:

Living in Texas

You are the greatest thing here

I am serious


I couldn’t score a turkey because stress over turkey :TRIFECTA#92


This week Trifecta is running around like turkeys with their heads cut off:)

Here is this weeks challenge:

Monday, August 26, 2013

Trifecta: Week Ninety-Two

Welcome back, Trifectans!  Raise your hand if you nodded off reading some of the entries from this past weekend’s goodnight story challenge.  This was one of the loveliest collections of writing that we’ve had on Trifecta.  You guys have gotten awfully dark with your writing lately, and we have to say: it sure is nice seeing the full range of your writing abilities.  We’re cancelling the group therapy.  Or at least postponing it.Coming in first place this weekend is Sleepy Baby by Grandmalin at Breathing Space.  The rhythm of this is exactly what you rock a baby to sleep with, and we loved it, especially sleep being a ‘boat in a moonlit bay’.

Sleepy baby close your eyes
Stars are singing lullabies
Moon is shining magic beams
Night is sending happy dreams
Sleep is a boat in a moonlit bay
Close your eyes and sail away

Second place this weekend goes to High Five and Raspberries who gave us a funny, contemporary fairytale.  Throw in a little literary reference, and we were won over.  Waiting for Prince Godot reminded us of this gem by Julia Donaldson.  Check them both out if you haven’t already.

Rounding out the top three this weekend is Trudging Through Fog who gave us a lovely 33 with Bravery.  Make sure you drop by to read her ‘coverlet of stars’.  You won’t be disappointed.
Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who took the time to link up.  We had quite a turnout this weekend.
This week we are asking you to have a little fun with us.  The English language is chock full of words with unexpected meanings, and this week we’re giving you one to play with.


1: a large North American gallinaceous bird (Meleagris gallopavo) that is domesticated in most parts of the world
2: failure, flop; especially : a theatrical production that has failed
3: three successive strikes in bowling
4: a stupid, foolish, or inept person”
I couldn’t score a turkey because stress over turkey:
When to the bowling alley to relieve stress.
Trying for three strikes in a row, at least try my best.
Put on the mandatory shoes, laced up tight.
Step a bit to the right, chuck the ball. “Strike! All right!”
“Does anyone else think these bowling shoes smell funny?”
Wait for my turn, still stressing. Here comes the beer, right on the money.
Down a pint, my turn again. Step up, get into position. “Sweet a double!”
Drink two more pints. Stuck in my stress bubble, starting to stumble “HaHaHa, think I’m in trouble.”
Third time to bowl.Bad combination of the stress plus beer soaked motor control. “Hey is this my ball? Oh it is, ok. Feel like I might fall. “
Sip a bit more beer, head isn’t clear. “Dang it , gutter. No turkey at all.”
“Remember the stress I mentioned? Well It was an argument over something dumb and jerky”
“It was an argument about the fact that I don’t eat crappy processed lunch meat Turkey.”
By the way readers, the turkey argument was the only true aspect of this trifecta.
Thanks fo reading.





“You are going way down.”

Give up just stay down.”

“Nothing for you, keep down.”

“Can’t escape, too deep down.”

“Don’t look up, head down.”

“Why go back, tread down.”

“Need no sky, look down.

“Hey you’re being shook down!”

“Look up here, not down.”

“Understand how you got down.”

“Think, up. Don’t feed down.”

 “Mind state doesn’t need down.”

“Take my hand. Defeat down.”

“Now pull. Negativity retreats down.”

“For now you’ve beaten down”

Written For TheM3Blog and Flash-In-The-Pan

Interpretation of Love

Hey everyone. Here is yet another one from age 18. This one I think (not to toot my own horn) is pretty good. I recently read this to my lovely lovely love, seablackwithink. She liked it which to me means it must be good. What surprises me is the age at which I wrote it and the truth it holds. Of course now my perception of love is much broader.

Ok, here it is:

Interpretation of Love:

As I sit alone in my room I think of a thing I want and need.

Something I once had, love a God sent seed.

A seed that makes your soul grow and thrive.

An emotion that makes it easier to be alive.

I crave it badly, yet I am still happy without it.

You have to love yourself, keep your flame lit.

Even with all your flaws. No one is perfect no one at all.

With love comes complications and responsibilities.

It’s not something that just happens it builds by degrees.

Trust, communication, and friendship.

All are needed but sometimes take a dip.

If it’s love 100% real you can make it through any negative ordeal.

Everyone in a relationship fights.

Sometimes things fall apart, sometimes you make it right.

True love always sticks.

A person doesn’t love if all they care about is pussy or dick.

You have to be able to tell the difference though it can be hard.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you love them if you have a picnic in the back yard.

Silver necklaces, bracelets, and flowers. Merely material things which have no real power.

Love comes from inside. Mind, body and heart.

If you love someone you must love every part.

Including their shortcomings and problems.

You can’t get tired of it or turn your back on them.

Love is an emotion many throw around.

Often it can be found lying in the fetal position.

Defiled by the others ambitions.

Be careful with the center of a humans being.

Cherish the one you’re seeing.

They could be the best for you or possibly the worst.

You see? It can be so confusing you feel like you’re going to burst.

All you can do is mean it, and try your best.

Listen to me on this one. Don’t think your unity is better than the rest.

Love is surely this world’s most difficult test.

There you have it. Love as seen through the eyes of an 18 year old experiencing his first heartbreak.

Turn:Trifextra #81

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“This weekend’s prompt is to write 33 words exactly inspired by the following photo project by Eirik Solheim.  Each slice of the photo compilation is a different day of the year, taken from the same location.
– See more at: http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/#sthash.jQu1doTc.dpuf”

Winter: Depression, a little sun.

Spring: Happier, life regaining fun.

Summer: Ecstatic, constantly on the run.

Autumn: Calming, completing the cycle though it’s never done.

Surviving each season, that’s a job well done.

Damage and Repair

Hey everyone, This is another one from when I was 18. It’s the 4th poem I’ve ever written. The first three were destroyed in the washing machine after I left them in my pocket. Oh well, this one is darker than my previous posts. Here goes…


Damage and Repair:

Reality is closing down.  Can’t tell if I smile or frown.  All these things surround.  Inside my head they pound.  In chemicals they drown.  Like smeared make up of a clown.   I’m on my way down.  Just go around, around and around.

Where am I bound to be?  What is my destiny? What will make me see?  What can set me free?  Self-worth equivalent to a flea. What is to become of me? Like a tree with roots that are rotting, twisted, and tangled.  Like an insect dying, decaying, and mangled.  What are these feelings? Do they have meanings?  Reflect teachings and preaching?  Some needed goal I’m not reaching?

I sink so low into myself.  A dusty book on the shelf. My thoughts are my only wealth.Bitter pills deteriorate my health.  Must open my eyes.  Have to look to the skies.  I must try.  I will not let myself die. Goodbye to all the lies.  That you put inside.  That i wouldn’t allow myself to find. No longer will I remain blind.  You had so many things up your sleeve.  No more being naive.  I’m glad you made me leave. These things I say, I truly believe. I shall no longer grieve.

I was letting life slip, but now i have a slight grip. My time spent with you was rip. Poisonous lips.  My love for you which was oh so great. Is now a septic tank of hate. My feelings you raped. My heart you scraped.

You took my innocence.  You stole my pride.  You never truly wanted me, you lied and i cried.  Now I see I’m the one who tried. I was probably right about all those things you denied.

After all these events i keep a smile on my face.  Inside of me, what you did ripped opened a tiny space.  I wish I found it without you, but it let’s me leave this place. Fills my soul with grace.  It is something you can not deface.  It comes from a wonderfully mysterious place. It can not be replaced.


Yeah, well.  There it is.  A bit uneven, just like life. The waves are either in ebb or flow.   










It Is There

What’s up everyone? Just chillin’ here. This post is an oldie from when I was 18. Just so happens it has a connection with my first post, sort of, i guess. You tell me.

Ok here it goes.

It Is There:

Close your eyes and let it take your soul.

Lose all sense of the world, gain spiritual control.

Lifts spirit, hope, and feelings past the clouds.

Nothing but silence while the music inside is oh so loud.

Temporary freedom, one with all, but eventually you must fall.

But it stays with you where ever you are.

Going some place near and no matter how far.

Constantly flowing through you when you’re sad.

It doesn’t stop even when you’re mad.

It follows you when you take a step.

No need to look back it still hasn’t left.

It’s there for you when you’re friends aren’t

Comforts you when you’re in the dark.

If you listen you can hear it.

It’s a part of you don’t fear it.

When you’re hurt and try to hide.

It’s embracing you from the inside.

It’s your best friend.

There from beginning to end.

There when you die, there when you were born.

It doesn’t run when your life begins to storm.

Together forever, thick and thin.

After you’ve had sex, and when you were a virgin.

It produces visions, spawns purity.

It’s the endless thing, gives you clarity.

There the first time you fell off your bike.

When you first heard someone on a mic.

Can not be contaminated or rearranged.

Something so obvious, yet so strange.

Everyone has it, but does everyone see?

Once it’s found it grows like a tree.

It knows all about you. Even things you don’t.

Shouldn’t try to make it go away, cause it won’t.

You have to use it the way it was meant.

If you let it sit it will ferment.

It’s with you when you’re grey and old.

It’s there when you need someone to hold.

It’s something you will always have.

When you start slipping it’s there to grab.

It’s all things and individual.

It’s abstract and invisible.

It whispers in your ear.

So distant, yet so clear.

If you can’t feel it you will. It’s waiting up ahead.

It transcends heart and soul.

Just think about the things I have said.