Interpretation of Love

Hey everyone. Here is yet another one from age 18. This one I think (not to toot my own horn) is pretty good. I recently read this to my lovely lovely love, seablackwithink. She liked it which to me means it must be good. What surprises me is the age at which I wrote it and the truth it holds. Of course now my perception of love is much broader.

Ok, here it is:

Interpretation of Love:

As I sit alone in my room I think of a thing I want and need.

Something I once had, love a God sent seed.

A seed that makes your soul grow and thrive.

An emotion that makes it easier to be alive.

I crave it badly, yet I am still happy without it.

You have to love yourself, keep your flame lit.

Even with all your flaws. No one is perfect no one at all.

With love comes complications and responsibilities.

It’s not something that just happens it builds by degrees.

Trust, communication, and friendship.

All are needed but sometimes take a dip.

If it’s love 100% real you can make it through any negative ordeal.

Everyone in a relationship fights.

Sometimes things fall apart, sometimes you make it right.

True love always sticks.

A person doesn’t love if all they care about is pussy or dick.

You have to be able to tell the difference though it can be hard.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you love them if you have a picnic in the back yard.

Silver necklaces, bracelets, and flowers. Merely material things which have no real power.

Love comes from inside. Mind, body and heart.

If you love someone you must love every part.

Including their shortcomings and problems.

You can’t get tired of it or turn your back on them.

Love is an emotion many throw around.

Often it can be found lying in the fetal position.

Defiled by the others ambitions.

Be careful with the center of a humans being.

Cherish the one you’re seeing.

They could be the best for you or possibly the worst.

You see? It can be so confusing you feel like you’re going to burst.

All you can do is mean it, and try your best.

Listen to me on this one. Don’t think your unity is better than the rest.

Love is surely this world’s most difficult test.

There you have it. Love as seen through the eyes of an 18 year old experiencing his first heartbreak.


7 responses to “Interpretation of Love

    • oh babygirl, you’re the cutest, the best, the best ;), the most delightfully delicious woman it has been my pleasure to be in the same room with. “Zoinks”. Love you. You gave me metaphorical CPR exactly when I needed it. Not only resuscitating, rejuvenating. You gave me back my step and spring.

  1. Loving ourselves despite our flaws is hard. It is interesting that you recognized that at eighteen, when you wrote this. Love is a difficult test and sometimes it’s tempting to give up and take the failing grade. Then again, anything worth anything at all requires effort 🙂

    • Thanks for reading. That one is one of my favorites. I’m engaged to a wonderful, beautiful woman. seablackwithink. I’m pretty sure she and I are both getting a passing grade this time. 🙂

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