I couldn’t score a turkey because stress over turkey :TRIFECTA#92


This week Trifecta is running around like turkeys with their heads cut off:)

Here is this weeks challenge:

Monday, August 26, 2013

Trifecta: Week Ninety-Two

Welcome back, Trifectans!  Raise your hand if you nodded off reading some of the entries from this past weekend’s goodnight story challenge.  This was one of the loveliest collections of writing that we’ve had on Trifecta.  You guys have gotten awfully dark with your writing lately, and we have to say: it sure is nice seeing the full range of your writing abilities.  We’re cancelling the group therapy.  Or at least postponing it.Coming in first place this weekend is Sleepy Baby by Grandmalin at Breathing Space.  The rhythm of this is exactly what you rock a baby to sleep with, and we loved it, especially sleep being a ‘boat in a moonlit bay’.

Sleepy baby close your eyes
Stars are singing lullabies
Moon is shining magic beams
Night is sending happy dreams
Sleep is a boat in a moonlit bay
Close your eyes and sail away

Second place this weekend goes to High Five and Raspberries who gave us a funny, contemporary fairytale.  Throw in a little literary reference, and we were won over.  Waiting for Prince Godot reminded us of this gem by Julia Donaldson.  Check them both out if you haven’t already.

Rounding out the top three this weekend is Trudging Through Fog who gave us a lovely 33 with Bravery.  Make sure you drop by to read her ‘coverlet of stars’.  You won’t be disappointed.
Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who took the time to link up.  We had quite a turnout this weekend.
This week we are asking you to have a little fun with us.  The English language is chock full of words with unexpected meanings, and this week we’re giving you one to play with.


1: a large North American gallinaceous bird (Meleagris gallopavo) that is domesticated in most parts of the world
2: failure, flop; especially : a theatrical production that has failed
3: three successive strikes in bowling
4: a stupid, foolish, or inept person”
I couldn’t score a turkey because stress over turkey:
When to the bowling alley to relieve stress.
Trying for three strikes in a row, at least try my best.
Put on the mandatory shoes, laced up tight.
Step a bit to the right, chuck the ball. “Strike! All right!”
“Does anyone else think these bowling shoes smell funny?”
Wait for my turn, still stressing. Here comes the beer, right on the money.
Down a pint, my turn again. Step up, get into position. “Sweet a double!”
Drink two more pints. Stuck in my stress bubble, starting to stumble “HaHaHa, think I’m in trouble.”
Third time to bowl.Bad combination of the stress plus beer soaked motor control. “Hey is this my ball? Oh it is, ok. Feel like I might fall. “
Sip a bit more beer, head isn’t clear. “Dang it , gutter. No turkey at all.”
“Remember the stress I mentioned? Well It was an argument over something dumb and jerky”
“It was an argument about the fact that I don’t eat crappy processed lunch meat Turkey.”
By the way readers, the turkey argument was the only true aspect of this trifecta.
Thanks fo reading.

10 responses to “I couldn’t score a turkey because stress over turkey :TRIFECTA#92

    • Thanks for reading. i’m loving all the comments. I appreciate them too. I don’t even bowl in real life, just video games. I haven’t really bowled in years and i’ve never scored a turkey in real bowling ever. The argument that was causing stress that day was about crappy turkey lunch meat. 🙂

  1. I’d rather have a bottle in front of me,
    than have to get a score of a turkey!
    Fun, rhymey, bowling bender!

    • So true. Thanks for reading. I had to come up with a Bowling Turkey story that had some truth to it since I haven’t bowled in years. Other than on Wii, PS3, or kinect

  2. I absolutely think the shoes smell funny…no matter how much beer you have 🙂 Oh, and slimy lunch meat turkey is pretty nasty. It has to be the real sliced turkey. Not that I’m picky or anything…

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