Actual Reply To Online Scammer.

The FBI is interested in you and your company. I hope they meet your needs. By your need I mean federal prison. Do NOT email me again from any of your numerous emails I assume you have. I make my assumption based on the fact that you are a 2 bit con artist. If you want to make easy, illegal money you would be better off growing a pair of balls and sell drugs on the street. That way when you try to rip someone off they would provide you with swift street justice. Side effects of street justice include:  getting a beat down so bad you won’t scam ever again, a concussion which may make you forget that you scammed the wrong person causing the 1st side effect to happen again, coma, extreme pain, loss of body parts,( eyes, fingers, legs, arms and hands or loss of use of aforementioned limbs, being ripped off by the exact person you tried to rip off, and the best side effect, death.

Sounds fun right? Well obviously not to you because you hide all 500lbs of yourself at home behind a computer, drinking a gallon of soda and eating everything in arm’s reach. I’m sure the wheels on your office chair broke off the instant you sat on it. So here are my prescriptions for you: A: GET EXERCISE.  B: GET A SUIT(TIE INCLUDED. C: GO OUT AND GET A REAL JOB( MAY INCLUDE BEING SOMEBODY). D: QUIT YOUR JOB ATTEMPTING TO FUCK PEOPLE OVER AND GO FUCK YOURSELF.


Tell me watcha think....

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