It Is There

What’s up everyone? Just chillin’ here. This post is an oldie from when I was 18. Just so happens it has a connection with my first post, sort of, i guess. You tell me.

Ok here it goes.

It Is There:

Close your eyes and let it take your soul.

Lose all sense of the world, gain spiritual control.

Lifts spirit, hope, and feelings past the clouds.

Nothing but silence while the music inside is oh so loud.

Temporary freedom, one with all, but eventually you must fall.

But it stays with you where ever you are.

Going some place near and no matter how far.

Constantly flowing through you when you’re sad.

It doesn’t stop even when you’re mad.

It follows you when you take a step.

No need to look back it still hasn’t left.

It’s there for you when you’re friends aren’t

Comforts you when you’re in the dark.

If you listen you can hear it.

It’s a part of you don’t fear it.

When you’re hurt and try to hide.

It’s embracing you from the inside.

It’s your best friend.

There from beginning to end.

There when you die, there when you were born.

It doesn’t run when your life begins to storm.

Together forever, thick and thin.

After you’ve had sex, and when you were a virgin.

It produces visions, spawns purity.

It’s the endless thing, gives you clarity.

There the first time you fell off your bike.

When you first heard someone on a mic.

Can not be contaminated or rearranged.

Something so obvious, yet so strange.

Everyone has it, but does everyone see?

Once it’s found it grows like a tree.

It knows all about you. Even things you don’t.

Shouldn’t try to make it go away, cause it won’t.

You have to use it the way it was meant.

If you let it sit it will ferment.

It’s with you when you’re grey and old.

It’s there when you need someone to hold.

It’s something you will always have.

When you start slipping it’s there to grab.

It’s all things and individual.

It’s abstract and invisible.

It whispers in your ear.

So distant, yet so clear.

If you can’t feel it you will. It’s waiting up ahead.

It transcends heart and soul.

Just think about the things I have said.


Tell me watcha think....

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