1st post in years. Things fell apart. Entropy is a law of the universe. No escaping it. Damage control is the only real option. Even though control is limited if not non-existent. It’s about to get dark. The sun set ad said, “See you in the next life.”, and by his tone I know he meant it.


Actual Reply To Online Scammer.

The FBI is interested in you and your company. I hope they meet your needs. By your need I mean federal prison. Do NOT email me again from any of your numerous emails I assume you have. I make my assumption based on the fact that you are a 2 bit con artist. If you want to make easy, illegal money you would be better off growing a pair of balls and sell drugs on the street. That way when you try to rip someone off they would provide you with swift street justice. Side effects of street justice include:  getting a beat down so bad you won’t scam ever again, a concussion which may make you forget that you scammed the wrong person causing the 1st side effect to happen again, coma, extreme pain, loss of body parts,( eyes, fingers, legs, arms and hands or loss of use of aforementioned limbs, being ripped off by the exact person you tried to rip off, and the best side effect, death.

Sounds fun right? Well obviously not to you because you hide all 500lbs of yourself at home behind a computer, drinking a gallon of soda and eating everything in arm’s reach. I’m sure the wheels on your office chair broke off the instant you sat on it. So here are my prescriptions for you: A: GET EXERCISE.  B: GET A SUIT(TIE INCLUDED. C: GO OUT AND GET A REAL JOB( MAY INCLUDE BEING SOMEBODY). D: QUIT YOUR JOB ATTEMPTING TO FUCK PEOPLE OVER AND GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Jennifer’s Eulogy

This is August 25 2014. As some of you may know I’ve been living in Texas for a little over a year now with my wife, best friend and, best lover in all aspects. Married since 12~24~2013. But obviously the title plainly tells you what this post is. My favorite sister Jennifer Dawn Virgillo was murdered at some time last night back in New Jersey. She had a rough life. Homelessness, criminal actions, etc. But this said nothing about who she truly was. I’m not just writing nice things about because she has moved to the next plateau of life, existence, and consciousness. I’m writing it because she was a genuinely warm, caring, generous ,(no matter how little she had she gave what she could),. She loved her family. And I loved her just as much. When she felt like god didn’t like her for the things she had done I always made her feel like she had value, which she did. I told her god doesn’t care about her mistakes because she felt remorseful. I told her god would punish, torture, burn, or scald her for being the way god made her. This usual stopped her tears. The last conversation we had on that subject was days before I flew to Texas.  Be yourself I had told her. You’re honest about what you do. You don’t hide it like our other sister. The sister who did way worse. The sister that molested me at age 5. (You can read the post about how I feel about her). Anyway here is the eulogy I plan to read at her funeral/memorial. 

Jennifer’s Eulogy:
Jennifer was a good sister.
She always stood up for me me against those who were older and stronger when we we’re little kids.  Even if her friends made fun of me for a given reason she was right there.
She was right they the last time i hugged her, talked her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
It was great spending time with her that entire week.
Talking about many things.
Drinking cheap beer, laughing, having so much fun before I flew away on the planes wings.
Now she’s gone from the physical world.
Living on the next plateau where light, colors and love swirl.
A place where our world has become nothing more than a dream.
A place where hardship and strife are replaced by rest and happiness are replaced by warmth from the creator, shot into every soul like a beam.

A wave of love, compassion, plus everything a being needs to begin true life in happiness supreme, beyond our conception.
Looking back at when she was in the flesh. She was loving to the point in which most have no comprehension.

Despite her flaws, which we all have and cannot judge.
She was sweet, generous, empathetic a fact no one can smudge.
She was also a good friend. She had a good laugh and a good heart.
The way her life senselessly came to end, tears us apart.

I know she went being herself, fighting as hard as she could.
Just as she fought through her time on Earth trying to reach the good.

As we must fight to remember who she really is.
A great person inside. Loving her family and kids.

It’s a struggle to think of all the good times.
We must in our minds bodies and souls let her memory sweetly chime.

It won’t be easy to stay positive in the face of our beloved Jennifer’s passing.
Try to picture the truth which is: She’s somewhere else relaxing.

Somewhere else yet still right here. Beside in a wondrous place. Invisible to us but very real.

She not only still exists in fact still forever with us.
She exists in our hearts. She’s loving us from inside. Loving her for infinity, we must.

Once we all cross in to that great, splendid unknown place.
She will be with the others we have known, smile on her face.

To quote a song from a film:
“In heaven everything is fine. in heaven everything is fine. In heaven everything is fine. You’ll have your good things and I’ll have mine.”

My good things include those I love.
They wait for us ubiquitous, all around us, everywhere we look, not just from above.

I miss and love you Jen, and even though you never met so does Deirdre. 

We will meet again. This is fact.


The 7th month, 30th day, of the year 2013. Was the day I saw the most beautiful site I have ever seen.
For the 2nd time that is. I was shaking like a tree full of leaves, as I walked around the column. We stopped. Frozen for a millisecond. Then we strode towards each other.  Hugging you in that loving hold I could have stood there forever, until we grew old. But that old ticking illusion of time kept at its grind. That day was the first day I truly saw the sun shine.
Here we are a year and a day later. The love has only grown.  To your every want and need I would love to cater. Still, through everything we’ve been through together. I feel deep within things will only get better. It’s just the 2nd act of OUR Origin.  If i had my way we would relive our life over and over, again and again. Just like throughout the entire history of human beings we have been.
I want to live the rest of our lives feeling the way we felt yesterday, increased exponentially everyday into the future and do so in the best most loving way.
Tonight we made our first soup together.  Which meant the world to me. A metaphor for life. A little of this and that. Adding spice. Spice.  To me you are the spice of my life. The spice Frank Herbert spoke of. The spice that expands consciousness to me it’s your love. If it weren’t for you I’d already be dead. But, “No!” you said. You breathed a new appreciation for all situations, and manifestations of whatever the universe brings.
Which is why on 12-24-14 we will celebrate the reasons we wear our rings.
I love you so so much.
No matter what may come. It doesn’t matter as long as I have you heart,mind, body, and soul to touch.

Lunch Note

Hey everybody. I’m back. From where? The deep, dark, desperate, dungeon of depression. I was unemployed and uninspired. Now I’m employed. Still trying to catch up but I wanted to write this for my wife Seablackwithink. She’s been making my lunch for work every night and every night she writes a sweet little lunch note and puts it in the bag. So here is:
Lunch Note:

Baby, you are such a great wife and woman.
Maybe you don’t know how much I cherish the notes I find within.
Within my plastic lunch bag that nightly I tote.
Music to my eyes and soul. Your sweet little lunch note.
I opened my bag containing a granola bar and sandwich.
I found the first of them and my heart lit up with light. You flicked on a love switch.
An unexpected expression of how much you care.
A paper extension with words and sketches illustrating the bond we share.
I love each lovely little lunch note you write for me.
Every one a burst of sun for my night, boosts my energy.
Above the heavens seem miniscule next to them, next to you.
I would like for to you to know how greatly I love, appreciate you and, all that you do.
I could say it’s the best part of the work night other than the end my shift.
I would like it to be understood after I clock out, commute, turn the key in the lock. Seeing you as I walk through the door is the true gift.
Thank you for your love that joyously puts a lump in my throat.
Thank you for being my wife and all the lovely little lunch notes.

How to get a job in advertising

Excellent customer service. You work with people nicely regarding payment arrangements. The cell phone price and the actual service (internet, calls, texts), are great. Awesome in-store and Sprint care employees.  “It actually feels like Sprint cares. About customers.” I will say the quote I just made up in an advertisement for the right price.  Seriously. Has a nice, true RING to it.

Ryan Virgillo

This is a text I just sent sprint during a survey about customer service. That’s how you do it. I’m blogging this to copyright my quote/advertisement.  🙂


Let me tell you about: Satan. SHE lives in Houston

Let me tell you about: Satan

Satan is real, flesh and blood.
Nothing can she feel, in her veins flows black mud.
She hates love, envious of her daughter’s happiness.
With evil hands she shoves, shoves us towards a dreary abyss.
She has no soul, an empty shell of a heart there is no doubt.
She wants total control, she tries to tear us apart from the inside out.
She has blank eyes, nothing inside, evil at its worst. Her mind warped, her existence cursed.
Not one of her children call her mother. It amazes me that she gave birth to an angel, a woman like no other.
A woman so loving, full of light and life. Polar opposite I’m utterly honored to call my wife.
Satan lives in Houston, it’s true.  The heat reminds her of the place whence she came and due to the things she’s done by purposeful design shall return to.
She isn’t a human being, there is no sign of humanity we are seeing.
Daily she torments her daughter for thrills. She revels in our despair, her presence poison the air making all near her ill.
Stress isn’t a strong enough word for what she gives.
Actually no words can describe the depths of her depravity. So I’ll stop wasting my time and fight for the right with my wife to happily live.