“You are going way down.”

Give up just stay down.”

“Nothing for you, keep down.”

“Can’t escape, too deep down.”

“Don’t look up, head down.”

“Why go back, tread down.”

“Need no sky, look down.

“Hey you’re being shook down!”

“Look up here, not down.”

“Understand how you got down.”

“Think, up. Don’t feed down.”

 “Mind state doesn’t need down.”

“Take my hand. Defeat down.”

“Now pull. Negativity retreats down.”

“For now you’ve beaten down”

Written For TheM3Blog and Flash-In-The-Pan


4 responses to “DOWN

  1. Very interesting entry! Welcome to Flash in the Pan. Drop a link to your blog in The Green Room (top menu bar at The M3 Blog) so I can send you a care package. 😉

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