Jennifer’s Eulogy

This is August 25 2014. As some of you may know I’ve been living in Texas for a little over a year now with my wife, best friend and, best lover in all aspects. Married since 12~24~2013. But obviously the title plainly tells you what this post is. My favorite sister Jennifer Dawn Virgillo was murdered at some time last night back in New Jersey. She had a rough life. Homelessness, criminal actions, etc. But this said nothing about who she truly was. I’m not just writing nice things about because she has moved to the next plateau of life, existence, and consciousness. I’m writing it because she was a genuinely warm, caring, generous ,(no matter how little she had she gave what she could),. She loved her family. And I loved her just as much. When she felt like god didn’t like her for the things she had done I always made her feel like she had value, which she did. I told her god doesn’t care about her mistakes because she felt remorseful. I told her god would punish, torture, burn, or scald her for being the way god made her. This usual stopped her tears. The last conversation we had on that subject was days before I flew to Texas.  Be yourself I had told her. You’re honest about what you do. You don’t hide it like our other sister. The sister who did way worse. The sister that molested me at age 5. (You can read the post about how I feel about her). Anyway here is the eulogy I plan to read at her funeral/memorial. 

Jennifer’s Eulogy:
Jennifer was a good sister.
She always stood up for me me against those who were older and stronger when we we’re little kids.  Even if her friends made fun of me for a given reason she was right there.
She was right they the last time i hugged her, talked her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
It was great spending time with her that entire week.
Talking about many things.
Drinking cheap beer, laughing, having so much fun before I flew away on the planes wings.
Now she’s gone from the physical world.
Living on the next plateau where light, colors and love swirl.
A place where our world has become nothing more than a dream.
A place where hardship and strife are replaced by rest and happiness are replaced by warmth from the creator, shot into every soul like a beam.

A wave of love, compassion, plus everything a being needs to begin true life in happiness supreme, beyond our conception.
Looking back at when she was in the flesh. She was loving to the point in which most have no comprehension.

Despite her flaws, which we all have and cannot judge.
She was sweet, generous, empathetic a fact no one can smudge.
She was also a good friend. She had a good laugh and a good heart.
The way her life senselessly came to end, tears us apart.

I know she went being herself, fighting as hard as she could.
Just as she fought through her time on Earth trying to reach the good.

As we must fight to remember who she really is.
A great person inside. Loving her family and kids.

It’s a struggle to think of all the good times.
We must in our minds bodies and souls let her memory sweetly chime.

It won’t be easy to stay positive in the face of our beloved Jennifer’s passing.
Try to picture the truth which is: She’s somewhere else relaxing.

Somewhere else yet still right here. Beside in a wondrous place. Invisible to us but very real.

She not only still exists in fact still forever with us.
She exists in our hearts. She’s loving us from inside. Loving her for infinity, we must.

Once we all cross in to that great, splendid unknown place.
She will be with the others we have known, smile on her face.

To quote a song from a film:
“In heaven everything is fine. in heaven everything is fine. In heaven everything is fine. You’ll have your good things and I’ll have mine.”

My good things include those I love.
They wait for us ubiquitous, all around us, everywhere we look, not just from above.

I miss and love you Jen, and even though you never met so does Deirdre. 

We will meet again. This is fact.


One response to “Jennifer’s Eulogy

  1. Oh I am so sorry, emotions are literally spilling out of me right now. I just want to hug you and Didi, I want to carry some of the hurt for you. I want to make it better in any way I can.

    As a sister who lost a brother too soon last year, I know the emotions you must be feeling and I am so incredibly sorry. I wish I had known you were in NJ this weekend I would have made every effort to see you both.

    love and comfort to you both.

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