The 7th month, 30th day, of the year 2013. Was the day I saw the most beautiful site I have ever seen.
For the 2nd time that is. I was shaking like a tree full of leaves, as I walked around the column. We stopped. Frozen for a millisecond. Then we strode towards each other.  Hugging you in that loving hold I could have stood there forever, until we grew old. But that old ticking illusion of time kept at its grind. That day was the first day I truly saw the sun shine.
Here we are a year and a day later. The love has only grown.  To your every want and need I would love to cater. Still, through everything we’ve been through together. I feel deep within things will only get better. It’s just the 2nd act of OUR Origin.  If i had my way we would relive our life over and over, again and again. Just like throughout the entire history of human beings we have been.
I want to live the rest of our lives feeling the way we felt yesterday, increased exponentially everyday into the future and do so in the best most loving way.
Tonight we made our first soup together.  Which meant the world to me. A metaphor for life. A little of this and that. Adding spice. Spice.  To me you are the spice of my life. The spice Frank Herbert spoke of. The spice that expands consciousness to me it’s your love. If it weren’t for you I’d already be dead. But, “No!” you said. You breathed a new appreciation for all situations, and manifestations of whatever the universe brings.
Which is why on 12-24-14 we will celebrate the reasons we wear our rings.
I love you so so much.
No matter what may come. It doesn’t matter as long as I have you heart,mind, body, and soul to touch.


5 responses to “7-30-13

  1. words will never capture the intensity of our love…7/30/13..changed my life…gave me life…showed me love…7/30/14 proved to others what our eyes already new…thank you for being my best friend , my husband, the man you are…the most beautiful soul ive known..forever…I can hardly wait for the rest of our lives. i love you pi much. from alpha to omega.

  2. Oh, your love of a lifetime is so inspiring, so true and good. I’m glad you found one another and give yourselves to each other every day..you never shied away from your chemistry and connection. You make me believe in love.

    Love you both. Xo

    • Hey Kir. That was sweet, and greatly appreciated. I never shy away from what I know to be the right thing. For example: We both just lost our jobs wrongfully because the company was doing nothing about it and I confronted a guy that verbally abused her and threw thing at her. He had a “witness” , which is practically his best friend lie for him. Did I mention the guy that harassed her is a multiple felon who was imprisoned for beating the living shit out of his wife? Oh I apologize his current EX-wife. Yup. And that who they sided with. I refuse to let anyone treat anyone else that way so what do you think I would do for Didi? I would die for her. I’m not being sentimental about that. I mean it literally. But you know what happens when the “little” guy stands up to the people in power? I will tell you. The company which falsifies legal documents concerning chemical concentrations for cleaning the machine. The results I’ve seen people get were way above legal limit. So what happens to Houston’s biggest dairy? I call a lawyer, every news station I can think of and tell them about Oak Farms Dairy a subsidiary of Dean foods which have contracts with schools hospitals, wal-mart, and many grocers in this area. That’s what I do if you screw my wife’s and my life up. I will destroy this 100 year old retrograding wannabe modern company. Any thanks for the comment. Sorry to go of on a tangent. But hey that how much i love my wife. Sue monetary worries are high but I have no regret standing up for what is right. And corporate America HATES me. That is to say people like me. I plan to easily take this plant down legally. Just on General Principal.

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