Lunch Note

Hey everybody. I’m back. From where? The deep, dark, desperate, dungeon of depression. I was unemployed and uninspired. Now I’m employed. Still trying to catch up but I wanted to write this for my wife Seablackwithink. She’s been making my lunch for work every night and every night she writes a sweet little lunch note and puts it in the bag. So here is:
Lunch Note:

Baby, you are such a great wife and woman.
Maybe you don’t know how much I cherish the notes I find within.
Within my plastic lunch bag that nightly I tote.
Music to my eyes and soul. Your sweet little lunch note.
I opened my bag containing a granola bar and sandwich.
I found the first of them and my heart lit up with light. You flicked on a love switch.
An unexpected expression of how much you care.
A paper extension with words and sketches illustrating the bond we share.
I love each lovely little lunch note you write for me.
Every one a burst of sun for my night, boosts my energy.
Above the heavens seem miniscule next to them, next to you.
I would like for to you to know how greatly I love, appreciate you and, all that you do.
I could say it’s the best part of the work night other than the end my shift.
I would like it to be understood after I clock out, commute, turn the key in the lock. Seeing you as I walk through the door is the true gift.
Thank you for your love that joyously puts a lump in my throat.
Thank you for being my wife and all the lovely little lunch notes.