Flirting:MyWord:F^#$ that!

Look here I don’t flirt I refuse.

So I don’t expect it once or ever no matter how clever. No matter how recycled or reused.

If you want it, give it : respect. I am not amused.

I can’t say, “Watch what you think.”, But I will say, “Watch what you say.”

I’m sick and tired of it. Guess what? Today is a brand new day.

I wouldn’t say or do any of that to your girl if you have one. If I’m being unreasonable, “Oh well, hey!”.

To reiterate: I don’t flirt with yours so don’t flirt with mine.

I don’t care what medium: Text,cell, or email. To stop now is the time.

Respect, when you know the deal and continue that’s just grime.

This Is This.  That’s That. The “This” and “That” I just mentioned is another way of saying watch your words. I know much, much more about most people than anyone knows about me. Even if they knew about me I would still have the upper hand. So let’s think a few ticks about it.

🙂 Have a productive day!


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