Let me tell you about: Satan. SHE lives in Houston

Let me tell you about: Satan

Satan is real, flesh and blood.
Nothing can she feel, in her veins flows black mud.
She hates love, envious of her daughter’s happiness.
With evil hands she shoves, shoves us towards a dreary abyss.
She has no soul, an empty shell of a heart there is no doubt.
She wants total control, she tries to tear us apart from the inside out.
She has blank eyes, nothing inside, evil at its worst. Her mind warped, her existence cursed.
Not one of her children call her mother. It amazes me that she gave birth to an angel, a woman like no other.
A woman so loving, full of light and life. Polar opposite I’m utterly honored to call my wife.
Satan lives in Houston, it’s true.  The heat reminds her of the place whence she came and due to the things she’s done by purposeful design shall return to.
She isn’t a human being, there is no sign of humanity we are seeing.
Daily she torments her daughter for thrills. She revels in our despair, her presence poison the air making all near her ill.
Stress isn’t a strong enough word for what she gives.
Actually no words can describe the depths of her depravity. So I’ll stop wasting my time and fight for the right with my wife to happily live.



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