A Message About Mixtapes And Love For Our WP Family

Sometimes when we hit difficult times head on we forget about the difficulties and hardships of others. So the mix tape both I and my wife are going to create will be dedicated to Kir and everyone else out there dealing with the trials of life.  Sorry we’ve been gone so long. Hopefully we will straighten our heads out enough to come back in full force like we used to be.  Thanks we love you guys.
From  Liquid Poet



4 responses to “A Message About Mixtapes And Love For Our WP Family

  1. hey, you two? I know where you are..and you know where I am..
    in your HEARTS <3.

    you take all the time you need, you come find me if you need a shoulder or a giggle or a vent. You know…BOTH OF YOU, that there is love traveling always north to south and back again.

    SMOOCH and hugs.

    • Thanks. We miss you and everybody. Promise to make you a mix tape soon. Things have been crazy for a while. We’re sorry for your loss and
      we keep you in our meditation prayers and send you loving energy. And good vibes. D&R

    • Hey Kir long time no read. Just wanted to say hi and how are you? Probably will start writing more after all this time. Didi says how are you as well.

      • I miss both of you very much! Hope you are well and can’t wait to read both of you.
        Sending much love and lots of hugs. XO

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