The Vicissitudes

The vicissitudes of my life are the vicissitudes of your life. 
My strife is your strife. My pain is your pain. All in all we’re all the same.

Yet we have some differences. Such as personalities, the perspectives through which we see. In the end we all pay the same expenses. 

We come from the same place, the womb and we all end up in the same place, the tomb. Different lives, similar stories. A stew of ups, downs, disasters and glories. Only details separate you from me.

Some have it easy, some have it hard. Some sleep in mansions, some outside the mansions yards.
Each and everyone of are are human whether we show it or not.  In that respect each and everyone sits in the same spot.

Some financially poor get lots of love, the haves. Some financially rich get no love, those are the not haves, too bad.

Orpheus had from his lover but not a dime. Hades had cash but never love from the beginning to the end of time.

Happy hippies have it right All you need is love to make it. Yucky yuppies have had it wrong. All you need is green go take it.

Like I said we’re different but the same. Playing our roles in the game. The vicissitudes of my life are the vicissitudes of your life in reality.
But it seems as though reality is more real for those with fewer dollar bills, than it is for those with stacks of hundreds sitting up on the hill.

I’m climbing up there though. Slowly but for sure. I won’t give up even though my body is sore. Money, I want more. For mine and myself, yes. But also to help others open the door. I’m stopping here for now. Not to rest, No.

I’m stopping here cause that boulder needs to be pushed and we have to go. Go work for peanuts and coffee beans. The love of my wife keeps me going, know what I mean?

We have all the love. They have all the dough. I’ll take love over bread. A few more bucks couldn’t hurt though. 


Tell me watcha think....

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