Twisted Mix Tape: New to me in 2013

Ok here is my mix tape. Music new to me in 2013. A couple songs from when I was back in Jersey. Then song my wife showed me. Followed by video and pics from our wedding. Low-key, personal, and intimate. Vows I wrote as a poem for Seablackwithink days before we married. She added some words of her own when she read it. Then a few traditional vows our favorite of which is, “Forsake all others.”. We take our vows and marriage very seriously. Knowing hard times will come but we will make it to a place that those hard times will not be as hard. Ok on to the music.

Ok,  I know it’s late but I’m still going to do it:

This is for my niece:

This is for zombie lovers

These next two are for my fellow geeks, people that grew up in the 90’s and gamers

And the last two are for my wife.

All new to me in 2013.

And Jen I promise I will send you some wedding stuff directly to your email. ok?  🙂


Tell me watcha think....

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