Rabbit Rabbit! (Happy New Year!)

Last night was the best New Year’s Eve I’ve ever had. Guess Why. No no no. Not because of the alcohol or other party favors. It was the best New Year’s Eve because I spent it with my wife Deirdre. We drank Prosecco and ate soft tacos from Berryhill’s. Berryhill’s is a very good mexican restaurant/bar in Houston, Tx. It was great. Were all packed up ready to move. Her mother is leaving tonight, thank the universe for that. I have a feeling she didn’t leave last night just to get on our nerves, but it didn’t work. We we’re to busy being happy. We took the living room over. Usually her mom, (She really isn’t a mother. She is a thief of a roommate. Anyway.), sits in the living room watching the same channel night after night. So since she moved her stuff out we dragged the mattress into the living room. We watched “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”, then we put in the Deadmau5 live in Toronto dvd. We were jamming out and getting it in. We took our book stand, covered it with a blanket creating a privacy wall. You need privacy when you do private things. ::Thumbs Up:: The Deadmau5 dvd is about 2 and 1/2 hours long and the privacy wall was need for over half the dvd. It was a wonderful New Year’s Eve indeed. More like in out deed. Through out the night when we took smoke breaks on the patio the sky was flashing and banging, (wink wink), with lovely fireworks. The clouds reflected the multicolored fun time explosive which always reminds me to thank the Chinese for inventing gunpowder. They sure know how to celebrate. So do Houstonians evidently. Once midnight came the firmament was filled with fireworks. Rainbow colored explosions could be seen in almost every direction. The booming rode the airwaves traveling from and to everywhere. It was very special and very emotional. I felt like crying with joy. Didi and I recorded our first kiss of the new year with my phone. Yes, it was the best New Year’s Eve ever. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year. And life will kick ass from here on out. Sure there will be ups and downs like anyone experiences. But I’m certain there will be more ups. Definitely a lot more ins and outs. I love you my Deirdre. And I love all my WordPress friends. Life is good. I know that sounds like an LG commercial but I mean it. Ok that’s it for now. Type to you later. Happy New Year!


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