New Years Resolution: TRIFECTA: Week 99

Enjoy life together.


39 responses to “New Years Resolution: TRIFECTA: Week 99

    • Yeah it’s awesome. Thanks. We are really happy and it’s only going to get better. You can watch the wedding on didi’s WordPress page or facebook.

      • Well aren’t you quick. Thanks man we appreciate it. Today 12/30/13 is actually the day we got together physically. 6 months ago to the day is when I landed in Texas and we started our lives together. We need to post picks of our wedding license once we get it back from the clerks office. It is bad ass. It’s limited edition. It looks like giant paper money from the 19th century. I don’t know if you read my post”Let Me Tell You About My Wife.”, but if you did you know how I feel about her. You probably already know even if you didn’t read it because more than half of our post arev about each other. Ok that’s it for now. Thanks again Lance. lol

  1. Leap of faith.
    Leap of trust.
    Leap of love.
    Living together in every leap of life from now on πŸ™‚ So happy for both of you πŸ™‚

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  3. Indeed! Congratulations on your recent wedding. I hope the two of you truly do “enjoy life together!”

  4. First of all, congratulations! Love is the answer to so many of Life’s questions. So happy that Love has found its’ way into your heart. Your resolution perfectly fits your new circumstances. When I found my true Love, I felt as though my life soared to new levels and became infinitely richer and better than I could have ever imagined! I have never once felt as though I had to give up part of who I was to be with my wife. Together, we brought our lives to a higher plain and, as you now know, the view from here is amazing! Happy New Year and all the best for a rippin’ 2014!

    • Thanks man! I feel the exact same way. It’s the best to find someone who you love and loves you. For the best parts and the flaws. Happy 2014 to you and yours as well.

    • Sorry to reply so late to your comment. Haven’t been on WP much. To be loved for your flaws and your strong points is a rare thing at least in my experience. Thanks a lot.

  5. such a sad way to go..and sometimes our world of internet can inhibit that fuller experience of the emotional contagion that is the human way to go…

    So whatever I do..even retired and all of that..i get out to be with the fuller experience that humans can be..even at a restaurant..a mall..or wherever to go..

    To find that emotional contagion..that makes it all worthwhile..

    To continue on…

    So have a happy and connected NEW YEAR together with everyone you meet in life..would be the hope i have for whoever you are….

  6. wishing both of you so much love, laughter and light. I am a weepy romantic and love your story, love that you found each other and left safe places for one another, you took a leap of faith and trusted each other…that’s amazing.
    Love to you both.

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