Let Me Tell You About My Wife.

Ok people here is the first installment of “Let Me Tell You About…”.

Let Me Tell You About My Wife:

Some of you may already know the story of how we met so I’m going to speed through that part. Seablackwithink and I met in a pretty nice rehab facility as far as rehabs go. We spent approximately 8 hours together or less. We sat with each other the night we met at the picnic table which was right near the dock. It was beautiful. The light reflected off of the salty sea water. It was 02/07/11, the Florida weather was warm and a soft breeze blew across the archipelago. We were on an island geographically. Even more so we were on an island metaphorically.  It was as if everyone else melted away as we talked about quantum physics, god, the afterlife and possible connections between them. We spoke of music for most of the night. We shared my Beats Pros. Since you could plug an extra set of headphones/earbuds into the Beats it was easy to share music with one another. That was the first time I used that capability to scoot closer to a female. Sounds sneaky, right? So what, she liked it. We kept giving each other what I like to call “the look”. Which is when you really like someone and you look into their eyes, then you look at their lips, lick your own lips as if preparing to kiss them since that’s what you are thinking, and repeat all of that. Not necessarily in the same order. For over a year I would regret not kissing her. Especially once I found out she was thinking the same thing. We talked about waves. Sound waves, waves of photon particles(light), ocean/water waves, and the wave of life. You know the way life moves in waves, ups and downs, good times and bad times and the frequency of each. We stayed out side way past lights out or more accurately bedtime. The techs/babysitters/Addictsitters let us stay up since they and everyone else saw the magical, mystical, connection we had made. We read from the book , “The Internet is a Playground”. You should check it out.  Anyway, Didi let borrow it for the night. As I read I knew that Didi and I would be together. Fast forward to the present: 12/29/13.  We have been married for 5 days. I moved to Texas to be with her on 07/30/13. It was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. My wife is the most loving, compassionate, sweetest, kindest woman I’ve ever met.  She gives to the homeless even if we have little for ourselves. That’s true generosity. She is a true lady, in the best sense. Empathetic to such a strong, heartfelt and genuine degree. Once when I first arrived in TX, the first time we gave a homeless gentleman all the change we had. That is awesome but, you know what was even more awesome? Let me tell you…  … I told her that was nice of her and she said ” That could be anyone of us at anytime, if we run into a patch of bad circumstances.”  That’s one of the reasons I love her so very much.  She tries to see the best in people. Even when they are at their worst. She’s definitely helped me broaden my perspective of life, the world, and most of all love.  She gives such incomparable, unconditional, fantastically  beautiful  love. I reciprocate the love the best I can. She the first woman I’ve enjoyed putting before myself. Any little thing I can do for her is a delight and pleasure,(very pleasurable). Lighting her cigarette, opening doors, making sure her side of the car is unlocked first(she always unlocks my side before I make it there), cooking for her even if it’s just a sandwich makes me happy. We cook a delicious and beautiful meal Saturday night. It was an emotionally gratifying, satisfying experience we both agreed. It’s moments like these I look forward to with much excitement and joy. I rejoice and revel in knowing she is my wife for life.  Our future is looking brighter and brighter each day. With each day comes another sunrise. I open my eyes to see Didi’s beautiful, gorgeous eyes looking into mine. I cuddle with her, spoon, all the good stuff. With each day my gratitude to the universe  and my love for her grows. If I had to pick a type of tree to describe our relationship I would choose the evergreen type. Because no matter what season it is we will thrive. We may struggle but the winter shall pass bringing the spring. No matter what we will live. Our tree will retain its strength and lush greenery.  My wife makes my life everything I thought life should be and more.  I am thankful for each second spent, each kiss of her soft lips, each hug, each smile. I’m thankful for her. I consider myself lucky to have her. It took us over 30 years to find each other but we did. I hope everyone out there searching for their one finds that one. 
Thanks for reading.  Namaste!



7 responses to “Let Me Tell You About My Wife.

  1. I am sobbing happy, emotional, excited tears. You both are such incredible, wonderful people. I can’t think of two people who shouldn’t be married, joined and blissful in love and life.

    Your news has brought me so much joy today. Congratulations my dear, wonderful friends. Xo

    • Awww! Thank. : ) We can send you the link to one of the videos of us getting married it’s on our Facebook pages. I still have to upload the video I took of it.

  2. That’s just beautiful. 🙂 I hope you guys do quite well, and look forward to finding out how you get through those rough patches when you find yourselves even at odds with each other, because that will ultimately prove the strength of your bond.

    • Yeah. We have a pretty good system of communication even during arguments which are rare and don’t last long. She’s the best. We’re living and learning from each other.

      • You know, from your description, I have no doubts about her awesomeness. I think you’ve got this in the bag at this point, lucky guy! I went through like two dozen crazy girls and about four that weren’t (oops, my bad!) before I found the right one, and I bet you’ve been there too. Just remember: everything happens for a reason and they say that patience is a virtue . . . therefore, they say that patience is a virtue for a reason! Lol man moving is giving me the crazies.

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