On to the weekly prompt.COMPANION (noun)

:  one that accompanies another :  comrade, associate; also:  one that keeps company with another
obsolete :  rascal
• Your response must be between 33 and 333 words.
• You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post.
• The word itself needs to be included in your response.
• You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above.
• Only one entry per writer.
• If your post doesn’t meet our requirements, please leave your link in the comments section, not in the linkz.
Trifecta is open to everyone.

This week’s word is companion.”


Reply to “Open Letter to a Saviour:

Thank you so much for “Open letter to a Saviour”.

In my perception that’s what one does when one loves.

I said it more than once. I’ll say it again: You’re it for me.

You’re my best friend, My fiance, future wife, future mother to our baby.

You are in every way the best.

It was hard for me, yes. But harder for you, for both a test.

Your words on the subject mean so so much. In my mind I saw no other way, but to stay everyday. Keeping that Something away, I say. Keep it at bay.

I didn’t know I was doing so ’til I read what you wrote.

Making my faith in Time, Universe, Nature and my Courage grow.

Grow, only one word describing the things you helped me do.

Since I’ve been here with you. Metamorphosis, complete change for the better through and through.

You’re love, compassion helped me be a stronger man. You gave me your hand to pull me up when I was crashin’. We sing songs of our future,

focus on our plan.

You given the light of my life in my soul a boost, re-lit a flame inside.

Made me feel like a real man on a mission, set loose.

You are a precious treasure. I’ll never leave your side. Our love so immense will never subside.

Thinking back to the night of that horrible bout. Your room felt crowded with entities between dimensions.

I know your father was helping You and I out with powerful, positive intentions.

I sat on the sofa crying. Thinking of getting married. Our infinite union, brighter days.

I made it through the night, David carried me gently. Keeping my temper from leading me astray.

I’ll always do battle on your behalf against evil forces either other worldly human or Beast.

When the showdown is done I’ll laugh in the face of IT and Her. Laugh because It and she,(the Beast), are weak to say the least.

Our combined love/energy will not be defeated. Not once, not never.

You’re my saviour too, so it shall eternally be. Let the haters hate hurting only themselves. We’re better than them in every way and more clever.

Our power over them will blow them away like an obsolete wind blown feather.

In conclusion we see through their illusion my beautiful girl.

In their minds the seek to destroy. It is pure delusion. We stand together weathering the bad. Getting to the good.

Nothing can stop us as we transmute darkness into light. Radiating as we should brilliance and love out into the worlds.

You are my lovely, loving, lover. My life giving source.

You are all I want and need an unbeatable team. My everything, my partner or the greatest sort. Last but not least you are my Companion of course.


For Seablackwithink. I’m forever grateful you are in my life. Forever indebted to your love. I love you PI much. You gave my life meaning and flavor. The flavor tastes better than cherry.



    • Thanks. The best thing about it is that it’s true. I couldn’t let Seablackwithink tell me how much it meant to her that I stayed by her side with out letting her know how much her words in “Open letter to a Saviour”, meant to me. Know what I mean?

Tell me watcha think....

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