“Buddhist cosmology tells of Trāyastriṃśa, or the Heaven of Thirty-Three gods, which rule over the human realm.  This weekend we’re asking for exactly 33 of your own words about a god of your own devising that shares heaven with the other thirty-two gods.  Make it yours and have fun with it.”


The 33rd Chamber:

Warai, the god of laughter locked in his chamber.

Face red with laughter, “Come on guys, let me out. I’m sorry!”

“Dead mortals are not comedy!”

“Can’t take a joke?”, Warai continues laughing.


21 responses to “THE 33RD CHAMBER

      • i tried to comment on your post for mind from your blog but it kept saying you were logged in. So I’ll just tell you from here that I really liked it. I liked how you used the word Hypermnesiac. I clicked on it and loved the definition. I love you so much. When I get back from picking Linda up I’m going to write for a flash word but be for that I’m going to write something for you. :*
        I love you and everything is going to work out. I know it’s stressful. But i’m trying to stay positive and focus on positive intentons. Would you like to do some of the deepak meditations together tonight? ok that’s it for now. I love you my lovely lady, my beautiful babygirl. :*

      • ‘”Tell me if I’m right that there could be nothing better than taking your last name and meditating together?:)”

        Thanks you Postal Service…I borrowed “Tell Me If I’m Right, That There Could Be Nothing Better…”

        A tribute to you for rocking FPSF 2013…hope to see you back this year. Please don’t sue me!
        I adore this man…and there could be nothing better….the one who changed my life for the better for forever …

      • Thank you babe. 🙂 Its weird because what I thought to write the thing for you and it’s similar. At least the first line is. So I’m going to write and post it and you can see for yourself. I love you PI (cherry) much!

      • As I woke this morning …seeing you next to me ….tears welled in my eyes…tears of happiness…my heart felt SO full…the meditation of day 8 ..”What Do I Want”…my soul gave me the answer immediately..but this morning it was solidified …knowing our life together with Blue and Kasson, health, peace , happiness and confidence in ourselves..for all in this world.
        Is Truly What I Want…to be in awe again and again each day by waking up next to you is unexplainably beautiful…thank you…..hopefully everyone on this world have or will feel this…it seems like simply by being alive all here deserve this fullness of love, light and awe.

      • I feel the same way waking up with you and going to sleep together. I want the same things for us and for everyone in the world to get what they want and need. I love you PI much!

      • Thanks for meditating and working out with my. I feel our life and love growing, expanding with each moment spent with you. And soon there will be no haters trying to screw it up for us. Not that they have any power over us anyway.

    • Thanks 🙂 I’m glad you loved it. I always thought that if there is a god ( i believe there is something out there), god has a dark sense of humor. Just look at things that happen in the world and you can see that dark sense of humor. Thanks again for the comment.

  1. Somehow, the god’s thoughtlessness seems appropriate – I always expect the motivations of deities to be far removed from their consequences, if you know what I mean. Nice job!

    • Thanks 🙂 I do exactly that. The darker the humor the better. I’m glad you like Warai the god of laughter. Warai is the japanese word for laughter. If there is a god he has a dark sense of humor.

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