Willie’s Fury Pt4

The world is delusional.

I’m the last rational man in the world of the irrational.“.

As she begins to lose consciousness Willie cracks her on the head with an old meat tenderizer.

“Wake up! You have to hear this, because you are one of the delusional.

That’s why you’re here. All of my playmates were delusional.

Living a life of Mc Roland’s,Dizzyland,MALLS,

springbreakersbreakinghearts,mommy-and-daddyloveyou delusions .”

Willie turns up the volume on his stereo, “This is my favorite song, it speaks to me.”

She begins to cry.

All she hears is static.






6 responses to “Willie’sFurypt4:FLASHWORD:DELUSIONAL

    • Thanks 🙂 I’ve had the outline for the story in my head for years. It came to me while listening to a song. I’ll send you the artist/album title/song later. so you can listen and read at the same time. Thanks for the comment. I got some likes on “Willie’s Fury” but you’re the first to comment. I appreciate it.

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