Here’s Jen-The- Rippers directions for this weeks TWISTED MIX TAPE …YOU BETTER FOLLOW THEM…OR ELSE MUUWAHAHAHAHA

Oh and …HEY RRRRRROB Check out Jen’s post (*click above) it’s truly outrageous 😛

“This week’s topic for our Halloween week is Scary songs. You may take full liberty with this topic my friends. Scary because of the content? The appearance of the performer or the song is just that darn bad. Or maybe you have some definition I haven’t thought of yet. Get on it. I wanna know why those songs scare you”

Ok, I love this weeks prompt and again I’m going to use six songs. Sooorrrryyyy! Just kidding, but I am using six songs the first one is for the spirit of Halloween.

Marilyn Manson’s version of  “This is Halloween”  from Nightmare Before Christmas Revisited!

Pretty Awesome huh?

Ok, this one is one of my personal favorites. It’s sad and scary. Scary because it’s real. Sad because people are treated this way.

In my post “Fears”, I mentioned drowning. This would be a very bad way to drown. It’s another nine inch nails song, “Pinion”,  from the album “broken”. Here’s something funny. Not only is this song on the album “Broken” but atleast one of my fingers are broken. HA HA! Friggin’ airbag!

Another M. Manson song “Dope Hat”. Scary because most of the background images are in the original “Willy Wonka” film. The boat ride scene which is freaky and scary was removed from newer dvd releases. Plus they never show the boat ride scene when the film is played on regular cable. Censorship is scarier than anything I’ve seen in a movie or heard in a song. Long live “The Boat Ride”!

Laugh all you want but this next video used to scare the shit out of me when I was little. It still creeps me out a little but I like that it does.

This song and clip are from EraserHead by David Lynch. It’s scary, creepy, dark, disturbing, and I love every minute of it!


28 responses to “31/10/2013:TWISTEDMIXTAPE31

  1. I was watching a showing of the original version of the Wonka movie a few months back and realized I had gotten so used to the edited version, I’d forgotten how really scary the boat ride was. I also agree about Rockit, just creepy.

    • The Boat Ride was always my favorite part so I was very angry at the people who cut it out. I guess they thought kids these days could handle seeing a chicken get it’s head chopped off. We turned out ok. As for Rock it, it would scare me but i couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

  2. Oh yes, the boat ride. My boys love WIlly Wonka, but that scene scares the crap out of all of us. (Even edited…and I’m a lightweight when it comes to scary. )

    so your list is spooky and creepy and just right, I think for this meme. Thanks for the nightmares my friend. 😉

    • lol, you’re welcome. I love the boat ride. if it’s on tv the go to commercial when the boat enters the tunnel then com back when it’s coming out the other side. Total rip off! lol Glad you liked the mix. Did you watch the nin video “pinion”? How are you doing?

    • Yes they are. Manson too. Have you ever seen the NIN Broken movie? It a cheap horror/ fake snuff film with the Broken album for the sound track. i still have it on vhs, lol You can find it or atleast most of it on youtube. it’s scary cause the quality looks like it could be real. weird.

  3. I don’t think we’ve talked about this…but The Original Wonka is freaking terrifying….that boat ride…showing worms ..really…a kids movie?
    Great mix sweetboy…I’m feeling pretty scary myself this morning…stiff like Dr Frankenstiens seablack:)

    • we haven’t talked about it. But it’s my favorite part as it was when i was little. I saw it and I turned out ok. or maybe it did mess me up a bit. I hope you feel better. I love you and everything will turn out ok. we’re just on a wonka boat ride of our own and soon the universe will help us out and say “Stop the Boat!” and the scary part will be over. I love you.

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  5. And now I sit here wondering if I’ve ever seen the boat ride or if I’m just mixing up the original Wonka with the Johnny Depp one.

    • Try to look it up on youtube, it’s the original with Gene Wilder. I saw a little bit of the remake and refused to finish it. Tim Burton completely ruined it. In my opinion. i heard the remake was closer to the book. i dont know if that’s true and even if it is I still prefer the original film. Way creeper and darker.

      • The only thing I remember thinking creepy from the remake was Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Wonka, LOL.

      • i think Gene Wilder was the best and creepier. one of my favorite lines from gene in the original is “A little non-sense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”

  6. OK LOL on the Herbie Hancock! And my greatest fear is dying by drowning too. My recurring nightmare is being in the ocean with waves growing so big and going over my head and it’s getting harder and harder for find my way up. So… enough about me. Also Eraserhead. brrrrr……

    • LoL, damn Herbie. That’s crazy! I have the same recurring dream! As a matter of fact I had it again like last week. Are the waves and water ever black in your dream? They often are in mine. That’s so cool we have the same recurring dream. Even if I have a boogie board or floatie of some sort it doesn’t help. lol. i love eraserhead and pretty much every D. Lynch film. Have you ever seen EraserHead or any D. Lynch films?

      • David Lynch makes my list too in the form of Twin Peaks……even If I’m really only talking about the show and not the movie so much.

      • that is a great show. the movie “twin peaks:fire walk with me” is a pretty good prequel. how about his films “mulholland dr” and “inland empire”? have you seen them?

      • Also check out “Lost Highway”, “Blue Velvet” and “wild at heart” by D. Lynch if you haven’t already. Plus his daughter Jennifer Lynch makes films. The only one I’ve seen so far is “Surveillance”, it’s pretty brutal but a great film. If you haven’t seen it check it out. It’s worth watching. Disturbing, violent, and hilarious at times.

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