“I never needed spiritual songs more than I have this week. A week ago the server on which I am hosted was under attack by a malicious hacker. SO FUN!!! My site was acting funny, then shut down all together on Wednesday. After the attack was over, my site was never the same. Long story short – there will be a why I hate hostmonster, bluehost, host gator post in the near future.

In order to fix the problem we (me and godaddy) actually had to move my site to a temporary URL until Hostmonster releases my domain, which they are taking their sweet time doing.

So here we are. I am holding my breath, hoping they won’t switch it off in the middle of our Party, but it seems pretty likely that it will happen. Cause that’s my luck this week.

And so, since this week you have been guided to create a mixtape on songs that are spiritual to you. I am going to use these songs that aren’t necessarily spiritual to everyone, but are to me, to help me through.”



Ok, Here are some songs that are spiritual for me. I’m adding an extra song at the top in the memory of the original Anything goes prompt(as a joke to Jen).


Old  Old School:

Now on to songs spiritual to me:

Next up a MBM song, video by me:

Now another MBM song:

Followed by Symbion Project Dedicated to Seablackwithink & K*ss*n:

Ending with another Moby song:

Ok so there you have it.  Some of the same bands or whatever you can call them. Just different songs.



5 responses to “SpiritualToMe:TwistedMixtape30

  1. Oh I love that Moby song. I haven’t heard it in forever.
    and who can go wrong with Cole Porter? No one, I say, no one!

    even Nine Inch Nails, yes I see it, hear it. While they are not in heavy rotation for me, I can appreciate their appearance here.

    hope you’re having a good week

    • Moby is awesome, check out “inside” and “rushing” from the album: “Play”. Also check out “shot in the back of the head” video by david lynch from the moby album “wait for me”. Glad you liked nine inch nails, check out “beside you in time” and “right where it belongs” from the nin album “with teeth” my weeks ok, how is yours going?

  2. You know I could use a good joke about now 😉 I’ll be sure to rename the topic before anyone else gets any ideas. Holy moly. I just realized I didn’t finish typing this! I was on with GoDaddy…. So, as I always say, Thanks for the intro! NIN and Moby are on my radar but def not regular listens!

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