“This week’s song is so good, I don’t want to delay the anticipation by typing on and on about liking you people. One of Leeroy’s favorites, Didi aka @seablackwithink, has the honors this week. She chose Poor Places by Wilco, from their legendarily awesome Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album. It’s one of my favorite bands, favorite records, and favorite songs. I wrote about 200 words then edited down to 100. My entry is not only a new Silas and Olive, two teenagers on the run in Florida in 1989, episode but also linked up to Velvet Verbosity ’s “Anonymous” 100 word prompt.”


If I could speak with your father, I’m sure we’d speak all night.

“We have the same habit, but that’s all right.”

Wonder how he’d feel that we’re together tonight.

“My heart is aching, nerves wrapped too tight.”

That’s ok man, just keep your goals insight.”

“A metal spring coiled so much it’s about to break.”

Just put on some music and give that tension the shake.” 

I laugh and nod. His advice I try to take.

A.C. spits out ice, look back he’s gone, maybe I’m just baked.

He’s gone or never saw him, but I smell old spice.









7 responses to “From Father To Son:WILCO-POOR PLACES: 100 WORD SONG

  1. There is a picture you posted of an old friend from our school days David L. Hagar that I have been trying to find for the last 3 years….The last time I saw him was in 1974 in Houston TX….How did you get his picture and do you know how to reach him….my name is Pat Granado

    • That is my fiances father. When she gets home, I will surely have her contact you in regards to him. I give you my word. I know he was a great man and I would have loved to meet him. My fiance’s name on wordpress is seablackwithink. So if you like you can contact her as well. The last time you saw him was ’74 that was 2 years before my fiance was born. She should be home very soon. I will pass on the message. 🙂 Have a good one, Pat.

    • Hi Pat, this is Davids daughter didi (deirdre)….The post you found written by my fiance was from something called the 100 word song….I picked the song that week (Poor Places by Wilco) and dedicated it to my father ( David Lynn Hagar)…My fiance also wrote in tribute to my father…I believe I know you or at least have very young memories of you…I remember you being daddys best friend. I believe you know my mother who he was married to in 1974…Linda K. Hagar.
      I would love to talk to you and share information as would my mom….my email is my phone is 832-707-9300, My mom, Lindas, number is 832-707-9299…..Please call, at any time….I can’t describe the feeling that came over me upon coming home from work to my fiance’s excitement of your message.

      I’m at a loss for words…but am happy and excited…We look very forward to hearing from you.
      I am also in contact with Kyle, my cousin, Son of dads sister Janice….I am living in Houston …where are you?…ah…just give me a call…we can talk about these minor details then…I am so happy and grateful that you found Ryans post and recognized my father…I love him so dearly.

      here is a link to my blog:
      I will send you the entry I dedicated to my father…..The universe is an amazing place…dad taught me that…of all the bloggers ..of all the posts…you found this one…amazing:)

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