Soundtracks: Twisted Mix Tape #28

Jen’s Twisted Mix Tape #28 : Soundtracks

Click above to play, also check out RAISED ON THE RADIO….if you like music …you need to click.

This one is for Symbion Project

This one is for seablackwithink

These last two are for all the gamers out there.

Another mixtape completed.



2 responses to “Soundtracks: Twisted Mix Tape #28

  1. One of the main things I like about you is the diversity in music you present. You know you’re not mainstream, by any sense of the work, and I love that! From Bladerunner to Little Big Music (Where in the hell did Little Big Music ever come from?) it’s a great journey sampling the differences. I first met Jane Siberry’s music on the Crow soundtrack. Talk about bringing back some memories! Good job!

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