CRAZY LOVE GLUE:Gorillaz:Broken:100 Word Song

Welcome to October. Don’t tell anybody, but after three and a half years, I’m starting to become organized with blogging. With writing here, at , and now the new music site with @elleroywashere aka Linda and @jenkehl aka Jen I needed some structure. As a result, I’ve started lining up 100 word song writers to pick one to two weeks in advance. This week is one of our newest 100 word song players, Ryan aka @liquid_poet on the Twitter and his blog where he writes under the name Liquid Poet (great choice) If you’re looking for different, smart, and interesting, then Liquid Poet’s your guy. He and Leeroy agreed on Gorillaz’ Broken.

Crazy Love Glue:

Broken, falling to pieces, immobilized heart.

Life frozen, caught in a cycle of poisonous cures.

Hamster wheels, earth under my feet a treadmill keeping us apart.

Afraid to make contact with you, I continue to poke and stick my body. Creating infected sores.

I feel something pulling me west.

My body aching, my soul agonizing in the clutches of regret.

If only I had the courage I could begin the quest.

Finally receive your silent transmission, asking if I’m ready yet.

Trembling fingers type the words.

Check the inbox the next day. Thankfully the reply was her’s.


Guess who I wrote that about?  Yup, Seablackwithink.




5 responses to “CRAZY LOVE GLUE:Gorillaz:Broken:100 Word Song

  1. I like how you used your anticipation and your stress as characters in this passion play. This is my favorite line: “Life frozen, caught in a cycle of poisonous cures”

    That is brilliant. I could read 1000 words of this. It reminds me of what Deana aka Bobina does to me.

    well done

    • Cool. I’m glad you liked it. Can you guess what the poisonous cure is? lol. I can post some lyrics that will end up in songs about my fiance if you like. That’s cool you feel the same about Deana. That made Didi smile. It makes me smile too. I love love. And I love seeing other people in love. Love is Lovely. lol, I could keep doing this all night. 🙂 Thanks again for letting me pick the song. How do you like Symbion Project? He’s one of my very favorite musicians. If I could get an interview with him, do you think we could post it on raised on the radio?

  2. still a bit in awe how we wrote in separate rooms, yet our posts are so symbiotic….
    we are syncopated perfectly in tune.
    that says something…and that something is “just this”
    i love you sweetboy….
    Kasson has symbiotically made us symbiotic;)

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