True Story:ASS :TRIFECTA#97

TRIFECTA is spouting foul mouthed this week…great time to play along.

Here’s what Trifecta has to say for week 97:

“This week’s prompt word is inspired by a less-than-inspiring few weeks in the life of at least one (no more than three) Trifecta editor(s).  If this type of language is not your thing, don’t worry.  There aren’t too many more swear words with third definitions in our dictionary, so we can guarantee Trifecta won’t always be not safe for work.  If it is your thing, well, give us your best.


True story:
Remember arguing with your parents during your teens or early 20’s?
I sure do. Right near the end of the argument I would say something logical to counter their last remark. Then my parents would reply with the obligatory “Don’t be a smart-ass!”. To that I would almost always respond with, ” I’d rather be a smart-ass instead of a dumb-ass!”. They never found it funny but I always did. So I would laugh, run out the door, and speed away in my Dodge Intrepid. I was and still am a crazy-ass dude, but crazy-ass in a good way. I’m also told I’m a funny-ass guy. During my current job search I’m a broke-ass dude. So put it all together and you get a smart-ass, broke-ass, funny-ass, crazy-ass dude. Now please allow me to end with a nice-ass quote from Galileo:
“Mathematics is the language with which God wrote the universe.”

25 responses to “True Story:ASS :TRIFECTA#97

    • LOL! I knew I wasn’t the only person that had a list of the type of asses I am. Sometimes I’ve even a Jack-ass, or so I’ve been called. Actually “jack-ass” is usually screamed at me by past co-workers/work buddies. Another work nickname I acquired for keeping a nice and tidy-ass work area was “homemaker Suzy”. just a fun fact about me and one of my many nicknames. I may write some prose about my nicknames and how I got them. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it.

  1. Sweetboy, I love how you captured the nature of your free spirit here and topped it off by showing your intelligence.

    With every word written and every song heard i love you more and more.

    • Thanks, dude. Thanks for reading it. My fiance seablackwithink says you are a cool, and talented dude. I can tell you’re cool,but I haven’t read much of your post. the ones i have (such as the one where you took your niece to the secret surfing paradise), I liked so keep up the good work. I need to read other wordpressers stuff so let’s make a deal if you check out mine, i’ll check out yours. lol, that sounds bad. anyway thanks for the comment, dude. 😀 P.S. I’m following your twitter so if you like follow me my handle is @Liquid_Poet

  2. You seem a likable sort. I’d find a way to end this with “ass,” but considering my avatar, that might make you fearful!

    • LOL, dude that’s hilarious. No man, I’m not homophobic. If I was I wouldn’t have replied. I knew what your avatar represents. To each his own. My uncle is gay and he beats himself up about because he’s christian and believes he’s going to go to hell for being the way god made him. Anyway you seem cool too. great joke you made. Thanks for reading and commenting so hilariously.

  3. didn’t leave one stone (or ass ) unturned. BRAVO!!!!
    Plus it was a giggle for my morning and I do like a good giggle.

    • Well I’m glad I gave you your morning giggle. lol. Glad you liked it. Thanks for commenting with such nice things to say. My fiance seablackwithink says you are very nice and sweet. And I can tell

      • 🙂
        I’m a “wordy” comment-er. I apologize if I get long winded.

        but I do love a good giggle! hope you’re having a good week.

      • You think you’re wordy, you should see some of my comments/replies. I might as well post them sometimes. My fiance seablackwithink to me about your new site. I can’t wait to write for memoir fridays. I’ll to tell a story that will give you the giggles once again. I have tons of funny-ass stories. lol I’m having a great week. How is your week going?

      • LOL..just your comment made me laugh.

        I am so glad to meet you and your finace, both of you are wonderful, witty and WORDY in the best possible way.

        can’t wait to read ALL your stories.


      • Cool. We’re glad to meet you too. Thanks for the compliments. I have a good story coming soon. It’s going to be pretty funny.

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  5. From proud smart-ass to another, kudos.
    I used to be told “don’t be smart with me” to which I would reply, “I’d rather be smart than stupid!” Yeah, no one ever that my response was funny either.

    FYI- I can’t ever check out your fiance’s site because my security software sees it as “malicious” . Bummer.

    • They tell you not to be smart but expect good grades, and good judgement. Confusing. I’ll be sure to tell my fiance about you not being able to access her site. Sucks cause she’s a very good writer.

    • Hi this is Liquid Poets fiance….I’m extremely curious regarding this and have never had an mention of such an occurrence ….I am a beta tester for AVG anti-virus so if their is a problem I need to have AVG look into it…would you mind emailing me directly with the exact message and type of anti-virus software you use? Liquid Poet and I write and post on the same computer with the same software…so something is a-miss….thank you so much for letting me know ..if you are willing pls email the information to email) or e-mail)…I will definitely have this resolved…and have AVG look into it as well…have you encountered this with any other wordpredd sites?
      thanks again-seablackwithink

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