“Hey All!!
OK, this week is a tough one and you all have your fellow mixer Troy from As Long As I’m Singing to thank for that! LOL!
At least this was tough for me…. once I got the ball rolling it started to make sense. I am guessing Troy’s been thinking about this one for a while. The topic, in Troy’s word’s:
 the (5) seminal songs who made you the person you are today. The shutter-openers, the wakers, the “I can see clearly now the rain is goners.” The tunes that forced you to look in the mirror and say, “Hey good-looking, you seem familiar, yet new.”
Now because I’m nice, and I want you all to play, I will allow you to use this as a favorite of all times. But only if you’re really stumped! (frankly I think these songs are probably favorites too) Sorry Troy, you know I love you, but I wanted a trap door so everyone would play!”
5 Seminal songs? No problem. This 5 song mixtape will describe 5 main point in the evolution of my musical tastes.
I’ll start at 9yrs old with the first cassette I bought.

Next is 13yrs old with my favorite song from a soundtrack cassette which changed my genre focus…

Then at 16yrs old I found something infinitely better suited to my tastes & sensibilities…

Followed by years of MBM, The Orb and…

These days the music of the past has never left, but what I listen to now sounds like…

This entire mix is for my sweetness seablackwithink, especially the last track. All of the music in this mix changed my life and my musical tastes. “Like one returning from the waves” changed my entire life in so many great ways. If it wasn’t for this last track my fiance and I would never have met. Our story is currently in the works. I saved the draft, and one day you all will read it.  It’s the waves.

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    • Thanks. That song changed me from straight up metalhead to industrial/electronic music lover. Obsession with electronic instruments and vocoders, moogs started with that song. Now mostly listen to electronic music like MBM, EBN, Symbion Project, and i love the Blade Runner soundtrack.

  1. I can’t wait to read the story about how Symbion Project allowed for you and your fiance to meet. What an amazing tale that is sure to be!
    Also, for some reason, I got an error on your 9-year old self video. Would love to know what cassette you first purchased.

    • Thanks, I’m going to attempt to finish the story today. If not it will be in my blog soon. As for the 9yr old song and cassette: I saved up 100bucks and bought my first stereo and Pink Floyd: The Wall was the first cassette I bought. The video I picked was”The Trial” which is the last track on the album. When I was 6 and 7 I would wake up and hear my older siblings, aunt, and my mom watching “The Wall” the film. So I would hop out of bed, beg my mom a little if I can watch the remainder of the movie, and she always let me. As long as I went directly back to bed after it was over.

    • LOL, good one. Always glad to meet a fellow MBM fan. Seablackwithink said she loves you so much that you would be the only consideration for sharing me, lol. But I’m all her’s and she’s all mine. Sorry buddy, lol. You missed my one experimental experience. lol


  3. Always amazed at what you bring because our musical tastes are almost diametrically opposed, but opposed sounds so negative and confrontational. I just mean it’s music I would never have listened too if you didn’t play your mix for us. Thank you.

    • Damn, I say. LOL That means so much to me coming from the creator of Twisted MixTape Tuesday, and co-creator Raised on the Radio. Did you get a chance to read my story for the guest post? Let me know what you think. I’ll continue breaking out music that isn’t on your musical radar. I have a passion for showing people new things(music,films,books etc.) and I always have. Thank you so much for this awesome comment, starting Mixtape, and Raised on the Radio. It’s one of my favorite things to do on this information super highway, lol. Remember when they used to call the internet that?

  4. First thing – love your blog name. Gotta admit – most of these were new to me, but hometown boy Trent Reznor certainly wasn’t. Great tune. Thanks for introducing me to the new stuff.

    • thanks Liquid Poet has and interesting story behind it. I was at a rave the night before easter 1999, and i was dancing with glowsticks a style known as “Liquid”. The mc was rapping about me, i know this because I was the only left on the dance floor at the time. He said something i couldn’t understand for certain reasons then “…liquid poetry…” and i thought “wow, I write poetry and i’m doing liquid.” and thats how I got the name. Yeah good old trent, it’s a shame his music went the direction it did, at least in my opinion. But Pretty Hate Machine to The fragile were awesome times. Beside you in time, and Right were it belongs were good too. anyway glad you liked the new stuff. I recommend that you check out more Meat Beat Manifesto like the albums: “R.U.O.K.” & “Answers Come In Dreams” also called the A.C.I.D. album.

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