Jen’s rule rundown for Twisted Mix Tape 25:

“Today it’s a free for all!!! YAHOO! Write your mix about WHATEVER you want. Have fun link up any time after 9pm EST .”

 This mix is called “happiness”. And it is twisted.

Starting off nice, happy and easy.

Now it gets dark 

Listen all you freaks!

Are you really happy?

And we finish with something a bit lighter. Then I’m gone.

Let me know what you think. 🙂

9 responses to “Happiness:TWISTED MIX TAPE 25

  1. Nice choices on the NIN and Kenna, but how twisted is it that my favorite was the Ren & Stimpy? The MBM duo was new to me, interesting.

    • lol, Ren and Stimpy is the ultimate in twisted. MBM is my fav group so I’m glad you found them interesting. you should hear the original version of “happiness supreme” by mbm. It’s crazy. Couldn’t find it on You Tube. 😦 thanks for that comment. 🙂

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  3. Do you know how many times a week I sing Happy Happy Joy Joy? Do you know how many times I say “Oh my beloved Ice Cream Bar, how I love to lick your creamy center and your oh so crunchy chocolatey coating”
    You win just for that.

    • lol. Thanks. Means a lot that you liked it. I’ll be sure to send you and email of my try-out for the October 2nd guest post on Raised by the radio.I’ll write it and send it to you within the next couple days. I have a bunch of good memories from when i was like 5-6 years old. Thanks again for liking the mix.

  4. “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy”, that is my favorite!! Awesome list, well………….. the ones I’ve gotten to so far on your list. I love learning about music I have never heard. I have a diverse taste and can jam to rap, then flatfoot around to bluegrass, then meditate to instrumental. Music is happiness. Like how you started out happy, then it went dark. 🙂

    • Thanks. My fiance and I are the same way. It would have been darker. check out the original version of Meat Beat Manifesto “Happiness Supreme” from the album “R.U.O.K?” It’s crazy. i couldn’t find it on you tube but i’m sure it’s on the net some where.

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