Goodbyes from friends. Greetings from Death.

Hey everyone.  Here is another poem from the past. Age 18 a month or 2 before I turned 19. Just a fun fact: On my 19th birthday I had an insane acid trip and thought I was in the matrix. There’s a lot to the trip story. Let me know if you would like to hear the full and strange story about the matrix trip and I’ll write it down, then post it. Anyway as I mentioned this is a poem from age 18. This one is called…

Goodbyes from friends. Greetings from Death. :

Spring to summer, dead leaves to snow.

You’re born then you die. We all have to go.

Accidents happen every day. Why do things have to be this way?

So many questions without answers. Such as “Do we ever really die?”

Going on with our lives wondering “Why?”

Too bad if you’re no good with goodbyes.

Inevitabilities that make everyone cry.

Goodbyes are worse when you know they’re coming.

A time frame within which the heart will cease drumming.

“Step right up! Get your ticket from death!”

It’s just to let you know when you will breathe your last breath.

He has kept close watch since you were a kid.

Like trapping fireflies in a jar with no lid.

We are death’s crops in endless fields.

It is always harvest season. Our souls His endless meal.

We all come and we all go.

Collapsing one after another, Flesh and bone dominos.

In the end do we remain blind?

I believe all the answers we crave we shall find.

He weaves between dimensions with his list of who to kill.

The hunter chases the rabbit for the thrill.

Infinite things I wish I knew.

I hope I learn them all when this life of mine is through.

Some things will be illuminated as I grow older.

Others will still glow dim and smolder.

At the end of the day death always knocks.

To collect the soul, leaving our families and friends with compost in a pretty wooden box.

To stand on your own grave you don’t have to go far.

Look below your feet there you are.


I wrote this when my father was mis-diagnosed and my family thought he didn’t have long to live. This poem in my opinion this poem is no where near my best. Let me know what you think.


Tell me watcha think....

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