The System

Hey everyone, This one is rant on the system. I wrote it around age 23. I was working in a factory that produced soy milk. I guess the soy milk really has nothing to do with it. But feeling stuck in a factory, stuck in the world, stuck in the system does have something to do with it.  Ok folks here it is…  Oh I almost forgot this post is categorized under Future because it has become the setup for a story I’m writing. The System is a look into the thought process of the main character.

The System:

Any world/reality/life we experience the path we choose is the path we must tread.  We must tread it fearlessly as we make our journey through fate. We not only move through fate, we ride along with fate seeking the answers. Answers that will be given to the curious and inquisitive seekers of knowledge, science and truth. The pure unfiltered, undiluted truth. Genuine, natural, unmanipulated. Impervious to the superficial social behaviors, expectations, utter nonsense. Completely illogical standards set by a mass of  blind men. Running an infinitely ringed circus, overflowing a piercingly vile stench. Overwhelmed by a presence of slavery (that is to say a new type of slavery, neo-slavery), control, and deception. A system of laws and limitations. A system to conduct the lives of the workforce drones. The system’s dark, devious obsession of imprisoning the very people that create it’s foundation. The system oppresses the very people that serve as the gears,pistons, motor and fuel to maintain the architecture of the machine, the mechanism. The vital support and synchronization of power and performance, the expected, demanded standard.  The system controlled with a vast intertwined forest of wires, cables, connections, input/output devices attached to microprocessors, and main frames bred with advanced super-speed central processing units and the programs. The programs that have one purpose and one purpose alone: to keep the entire grid of systems performing in the most efficient manner possible, in order to drive and propel the Main System. The system of repression, a prison that encompasses the entire embodiment of society. Surrounding every aspect of true freedom. Trapping the voice and views of the public. Censoring the collective voice of the citizens. The citizens whom are both prisoner and lifeline to the regulations and laws of the system.  The system of control. The system of incarceration. The system of domination. The system of commands to be followed and consequences to be paid by the ones who refuse to follow.

ok that’s it.


Tell me watcha think....

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